Creative Biolabs bends every effort to provide one-stop preclinical development service, especially targeting at gene therapy, which is adopted to prevent or to treat related diseases through inserting genes into cells instead of using traditional drugs or surgery.

New York, US–May 21, 2019 Gene therapy is the use of genetic engineering technology to introduce normal genes into patients’ cells in order to correct the defects of pathogenic genes and eradicate diseases, including hereditary diseases and general diseases. Gene therapy services provided by Creative Biolabs assist to make correction of pathogenic genes through either repairing defective genes in situ or transferring functional normal genes into a part of cell genes to replace defective genes. It is recognized as the leading provider of gene therapy solutions, offering products and services correspondingly, and is receiving popularity and praise from clients globally.


Safe and efficient viral or no-viral DNA carrying vehicle, the key factor that affects the results of gene delivery can be designed and constructed with Creative Biolabs’ assistance.

Delivery Systems Development for Gene Therapy

The advanced gene therapy platform helps clients to make selection of the most suitable vector to transfer precise amount of foreign gene products to the target cell, and then to promote expression without causing cytotoxicity. A one-stop service comprising accurate customized virus vector design, construction and cloning is offered, through which gene delivery systems of polyplexes, dendrimer, stem cell, dendritic cell, bacteria can be realized. A full-scale high-quality vector-backbones for cloning the therapeutic gene can be found in Creative Biolabs, involving Lentiviral vector (LV), Adenovirus vector (Ad), Herpes simplex virus vector (HSV), Vaccinia viral vector (VV or VAC), Adeno-associated virus vector (AAV), Baculovirus vector (BV), etc.


Classical and most up-to-date transformative tools from Creative Biolabs for gene editing significantly improve the clients’ ability to manipulate and research organisms.  

Gene Editing for Gene Therapy

A variety of methods in compliance with site-specific nuclease technology are used by scientists from Creative Biolabs to transfer basic science and personalized medicine. Transformative tools include Zinc-Finger Nucleases (ZFNs), Transcription Activator-like Effector Nucleases (TALENs), and CRISPR/Cas (CRISPR associated) systems services, which enable researchers from all over the world to disrupt, add and correct any gene in a wide scale of cells and organisms.


“As a biotechnology company dedicated to gene therapy, we have built an unparalleled capacity in the discovery, development and delivery of gene therapy-related services which will accelerate the realization of the vision of a world free of genetic diseases that limit life.” said by the manager of Creative Biolabs. Being the 1st-level proficient service supplier for gene therapy, it will definitely help to promote the research & development procedure through providing gene therapy solutions with its corresponding full-scale platform and the sophisticated techniques, and will assist clients in an efficient and economical way. For more detailed information, please visit


About Creative Biolabs:

For more than ten years of exploration on serving one-stop preclinical development service, Creative Biolabs is confident to provide professional and wholesome services for customers in need of gene therapy concerning areas with its knowledgeable scientists and most advanced scientific technologies.

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