Creative Biolabs Provides High-standard Services and Platform for Promoting Oncolytic Virus (OV) Therapy 1
Creative Biolabs has been exploring for more than a decade to assist the development of Oncolytic Virus (OV) with its advanced, comprehensive OncoVirapy Platform and virus development services.

New York, US–May 21, 2019 Immunotherapy has become the backbone of the anti-cancer drug market, of which OV therapy composes a crucial branch. As a group of viruses with the ability to replicate and kill cancer cells selectively without resulting in infecting normal tissue, OVs can infect and metastasize in the human system or in situ to play a role accordingly. Creative Biolabs is a powerful helper for developing OVs. Services regarding oncolytic virus development can be reached such as oncolytic virus construction, oncolytic virus engineering, oncolytic virus validation and so on.

The process of oncolytic virus therapy development will not be as difficult and complicated as usual if OncoVirapy™ Platform from Creative Biolabs is adopted, which covers aspects from virus engineering, cell biology to animal testing with a special emphasis on virus engineering and in vitro and in vivo validation. With various kinds of oncolytic viruses engineering systems established, this platform helps shorten the time and money spent on developing the desired virus accordingly.


Oncolytic virus development services greatly assist OV therapy through a systematic process from virus construction, virus engineering to virus validation. Respectively speaking, with the help of OncoVirapy™ Platform, virus construction process for different types of species can be established after researching the nature of viruses comprehensively. Viruses can be engineered through many approaches, which also provide an in-depth exploration at strengthening tumor targeting, tumor lysis, etc. Exactly speaking, functional complexes can be formed through binding two specific protein molecules with two antigen-binding arms, which is probably capable of reducing the rejection in vivo  and improve the clinical therapeutic effect. Pre-clinical study is indispensable before a specific therapeutic method or antibody is put into volume production. Each developed oncolytic virus will go through validation on the basis of targeting disease properties, virus characteristics, action mechanisms, etc. Helping to produce safe and effect-enhanced virus has always been the creed of scientists from Creative Biolabs.


Oncolytic virus technology has been commercialized in recent ten years, whose economic prospects are worth looking forward to. Creative Biolabs, by adopting advanced oncolytic virus platform and wholesome services covering virus development and virus engineering, helps clients to prepare a variety of OVs in an efficient and economical manner. GMP-compliant manufacturing of oncolytic virus is also provided in the services. For more detailed information, please visit


About Creative Biolabs

Customized, standardized, and reliable and high-quality oncolytic virus therapy development services are available in Creative Biolabs for clients all over the world, covering all aspects from antibody engineering, cell biology to animal testing services with a special emphasis on virus engineering and in vitro and in vivo validation.



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