Divine Glow launches its new anti-aging Serum SYNBRACE Gold 1

Leading provider of innovative beauty solutions, Divine Glow, announces the launch of its new scientifically-based anti-aging solution – the anti-aging Serum Synbrace Gold

Divine Glow has again reiterated its goal of helping its customers across the globe remain attractive and beautiful for as long as possible regardless of their age with the recent launch of its new product – the Anti-aging Serum SYNBRACE Gold. The product is released after years of intensive research, resulting in a revolutionary serum that is poised to change the beauty industry forever. The serum is formulated to smooth out wrinkles around the eyes, against bags under the eyes and against darker eye shadows.

It is everyone’s desire to look attractive and youthful for as long as possible. Unfortunately, nature, in this case, age, cannot be cheated and often takes it toll on the skin. Aging is not only the cause of wrinkles and other such skin issues as the quality of the consumed also has a significant impact on the skin. While several beauty solutions have been offered by different brands in a bid to mitigate this problem, many of the available solutions are chemical-laden and often cause even more damage to the consumers. This is where Divine Glow has been able to make a huge difference with its anti-aging solutions.

The anti-aging Serum SYNBRACE Gold is a combination of active ingredients on highly effective high-tech amino acids and synergistic hyaluronic acids to provide the sensitive eye area with moisture and cushion the skin around the eyes. The 23ct gold used for the formulation of the product acts as a radical scavenger with is anti-inflammatory feature ensuring that the active ingredients are better in the cells providing visible results in 4 weeks.

The product is designed to effective work against lines, wrinkles and dark circles while boosting the production of hyaluronic acid in the epidermis and in the dermis. The anti-aging serum Synbrace Gold, thanks to its effective active ingredients also promotes blood circulation, ultimately ensuring optimal supply of oxygen and nutrients to the skin.

Nicole Gehrés, Head of Research & Development about the SYNBRACE Gold Serum: “We see your skin as a beautiful shell that needs to be properly cared for and pampered. Therefore, our beauty serums contain more than just hyaluronic acid. Our SYNBRACE⁺ serums are based on nourishing and strengthening substances that maintain and restore the natural protective skin layer.” 

The anti-aging serum SYNBRACE Gold has already started to receive accolades from different users across the globe. “I have known Nicole Gehrés, for a long time. The products are expensive, but knowing that Nicole always stands for the highest quality, it was clear that I would buy the serums. And they are wonderful. You can feel the love in detail and the eye serum feels very pleasant on the skin and absorbs in a few seconds. I have now ordered the facial serum and I’m looking forward to it,” says Sandra.

More information about the new anti-aging Serum SYNBRACE Gold and the anti-aging solutions from Divine Glow can be found on their website.

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Divine Glow is a manufacturer of highly effective scientifically-based anti-aging serums. The brand is founded by two sisters that have the aim of helping women combine the inner beauty with the outer beauty by helping to awaken the radiance in every woman and make it bigger.

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