Holistic medicine, strives to use the entirety of a person’s being to treat their imbalances and ailments instead of solely depending upon the use of prescription medication.

For many, healthcare is something considered to be a one-way street, with certain practices bring used to treat certain ailments always in the same way. Recently however, a new wave of modern insight has come regarding the benefits of aligning one’s body, mind, spirit and emotions to better optimize overall health.

Qualifications of holistic medicine

This philosophy, commonly known as holistic medicine, strives to use the entirety of a person’s being to treat their imbalances and ailments instead of solely depending upon the use of prescription medication. This belief that a person is made up of not only their body, but of many different interdependent parts of the mind and spirit, has completely changed the way that patients and particular physicians approach healthcare. Instead of only treating or looking at one cause of a person’s symptoms, holistic doctors look at all possible factors that may be adding to or ultimately causing those symptoms. These factors could include things such as preferred spiritual practices, diet, stress, emotional imbalances or poor sleep habits. After reviewing all of these potential causes of a patient’s ailment, a holistic physician, such as those found at Holistic Healthcare Center, will then prepare a treatment plan that may indeed involve prescription medication but may also include recommendations for particular changes in lifestyle for the patient.

Holistic doctors believe strongly in the power of human emotion, and that a patient’s emotions have a great deal to do with their overall health and their ability to heal. Educating a patient on different methods of self-care, recommending spiritual counselling or conducting psychotherapy are all ways in which physicians may take a more holistic approach to treatment. Emotions have more power than previously thought and can affect not only a person’s mood, but also their health. The brain is the driving force behind the wellness of the mind, body and spirit and holistic practices attempt to tap into that power to better serve a patient’s needs.

The use of alternative therapies

Alternative therapies can also be utilized as a way to better serve a person’s healthcare needs and goals. Some of these therapies, such as massage therapy, chiropractic medicine, acupuncture and other healing methods can be part of a holistic physician’s plan to better serve a patient’s entire being instead of just their singular pain or particular illness. Many of these different therapies may help a patient not only ease that pain, but additionally become more balanced. In holistic healthcare, overall balance in a person’s life is the key to staying healthy. In order to achieve balance, all of the different systems in a person’s body must be not only in correct working order, but also be working together in harmony. Physicians such as those at Holistic Healthcare Center believe that if a patient is balanced not only physically, but also emotionally and spiritually, that they will lead healthier and happier lives overall.

About Holistic Healthcare Center

Holistic Healthcare Center uses all of the aforementioned therapies to offer personalized healthcare for every patient, and they have a huge focus around improving mental health as well. They have countless therapists, counsellors and holistic practitioners to suit any illness or need. Their staff strives to not only heal the sick, but also to improve the healthy, and the physicians there have the distinct goal of providing long term solutions for long term patient health and happiness overall.

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