Studies show July and August are the months with the most break-ins.[1] Why is this? Summer tends to be a more carefree, relaxing time. People go out more often, and sometimes, people leave for weeks or months at a time – visiting family and friends, traveling around the world, and overall, getting outdoors to enjoy time away from their homes. Unfortunately, when you leave your home, there is a risk involved in terms of break-ins. In fact, even when you’re home, the risk is there, and ultimately, there is more at stake. Sure, there are some pretty straightforward precautions you can take.

For instance, you can always make sure your doors are locked, work with your neighbors to keep an eye out for each other and keep your valuables out of sight from any windows. But is that really enough? If you’re looking to protect your home and keep your family safe from potential harm, it’s important to go beyond these basic measures. This is also true if you have a commercial property as you have an obligation to keep your business and the employees who depend on it for their livelihood safe.

What Type of Security System Should You Invest In?

When it comes to security systems for your residential or commercial property, it’s important to make an informed choice in terms of what type of security system you invest in. After all, you’ll depend on the security system you choose to keep you safe against all sorts of property crimes, including invasions, theft, and break-ins. The fact is, residential and commercial properties are much more likely to fall victim to property crimes if they don’t have a security system in place. So how do you choose the right security system?

Wireless Camera Solutions, located in Toronto, ON, provides long-range security cameras designed to keep residential and commercial properties safe against property crimes. Long-range cameras enable you to view and record videos from a very far distance – giving you incredibly clear visibility into what’s happening wherever you’ve placed it. This is perfect for those who have long driveways or large parking lots to safeguard.

How Does a Long-Range Security Camera Differ from Traditional Security Cameras?

A long-range security camera differs from traditional security cameras in a few ways. First and foremost, you’ll have high definition picture quality that is able to cover large areas. For instance, if you divide the resolution height by the exact measurements of your field of view, you’ll get the PPF capabilities of your camera. Typically, a long-range security camera should have at least 40 PPF to be able to identify important details, such as plate numbers or facial identities, from a distance. A traditional security camera simply can’t keep up with this capability.

In addition, a long-range security camera is equipped with night vision to ensure you’ll have a clear picture in dark or low light scenarios. This gives you peace of mind knowing if something happens at night, you’re still able to gather information from the system. A varifocal zooming lens, as opposed to a fixed lens, is also used to give you greater detail – enabling you to zoom out and view a wider image of the area.

About Wireless Camera Solutions

Wireless Camera Solutions, located in Toronto, ON, provides long-range security cameras, as well as various other advanced security solutions, for residential and commercial property owners throughout the GTA.


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