Abode Painting Introduced How To Choose The right Hand Painted Oil Paintings For Different Areas 1

Abode Painting has created hundreds of thousands of paintings for art lovers around the world, as well as clients that include the Royal Family, major hotel chains, luxury cruise-liners, museums, interior design firms, the largest real estate developers, Hollywood production companies and many more.

1. Living room:

As the main place of home activities, it is the most eye-catching place in each family and has the mission of contacting the inside and outside,  communicating the guests and hosts. The paintings hanging in the living room, the theme, color, style, and even the frame should be unified with the furniture and decoration in the hall.  A large-scale work with a strong visual impact is usually placed on the main wall of the living room, which interprets and sublimates the entire space. The higher the artistic level, the deeper the cultural connotation, the more can reveal the master’s connotation and taste.

If it is a classical style, especially the retro style, then European palace or religious theme is the best choice. Complex composition, gorgeous scenes, and long culture, implicitly displaying luxury and noble atmosphere at the same time, but also constantly highlight the identity status and connotation of the master, can greatly enhance the overall decoration effect.

2. Restaurant:

Hanging a relaxing, light and soft Hand Painted Oil Paintings in the restaurant will bring you a pleasant meal. Whether it’s a solid wood table with a strong texture or a modern glass table, it creates a refreshing and appetizing atmosphere. Restaurant painting, size control in about 50 cm x 60 cm is more suitable. Classical still lifes such as fruit platters and flower wares are more orthodox choices; they can also be chosen according to personal preferences, such as red wine; realistic landscapes such as blue sea and blue sky, green mountains and green waters are also the personality choices of urban fast-paced people. When choosing a restaurant painting, you should pay attention to the following points: the tone should be soft and fresh, the picture should be clean and tidy, and the brush stroke should be delicate and realistic. In particular, when the restaurant and the living room are connected, it is best to coordinate with the painting of the living room.

Abode Painting Introduced How To Choose The right Hand Painted Oil Paintings For Different Areas

3. Bedroom:

The bedroom is a hotbed of wonderful dreams and fantasies, and a catalyst for connecting real life with imaginary illusions. Because the bedroom is the master’s private territory, so the choice of Minimalist Art Painting need not be rigid, the only theme is to create a comfortable, comfortable, warm and romantic atmosphere. Bedroom hanging pictures are best located at the head of the bed, the size of which is about 90 cm * 135 cm. It is especially emphasized that double nails should be used to hang them in order to prevent safety. Bedroom Painting pays attention to the overall coordination and local contrast, through visual contrast to highlight the decorative effect.

4. Stairs and corridors:

Long corridors or stairs, with a beautiful Contemporary Abstract Painting hanging on both sides, combined with the soft lighting of the upper spotlights, combined with classical melody, create a splendid art gallery… in foreign films, We can often see such a sight. Stairs and corridors, as a combination of space conversion, are still quite free to play. It is the best price-performance choice for hanging a few masterpieces of the masters. As the only dominant in this space, eternal art is the most beautiful melody. After selecting the work, you only need to repair the small details. For example, the size is uniform and not too big, the style of the picture frame should be commensurate, the hanging height of the work should be moderate, and the spotlight style should be able to pay attention to it.

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