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BOC Sciences recently added a list of pharmaceutical excipients to be used in drug formulations into its featured products section.

New York – May 22, 2019 – As a leading chemical supplier closely involved with drug discovery, chemistry and life science, BOC Sciences recently added a list of pharmaceutical excipients to be used in drug formulations into its featured products section, which already encompasses APIs & intermediates, small molecule inhibitors, impurities, metabolites, ADCs. 

Excipients are substances formulated alongside the active ingredients of a medication. They have no medicinal properties, but are used in the pharmaceutical industry for multiple functions, such as to streamline the manufacture of the drug product or to confer a therapeutic enhancement on the active ingredient in the final dosage form, ultimately facilitating physiological absorption of the drug. 

“Compared with pharmacologically active ingredients, inactive excipients play a major role in formulation development,” says Prof. Jones, a senior scientist from BOC Sciences. “First and foremost, they are missioned to transport the active drug to a specific site in the body where the drug is intended to exert its action. Through this process, drugs could be prevented from releasing too early in the assimilation process in places where it could damage tender tissue and create gastric irritation or stomach upset. In this regard, selecting an appropriate excipient to support the design of your pharmaceutical formulation is definitely an important step in the drug manufacturing process.”

For now there are dozens of pharmaceutical excipients available at BOC Sciences. In accordance with their applications, excipients could be grouped into diluents, fillers, binders, disintegrants, glidants, lubricants, coatings, antiadherents, preservatives and more. As to which one to use, patients’ therapeutical needs are often taken into consideration, be it long-term stability, better drug delivery and bioavailability or controlled release, improved tastes as well as smells.

“The excipients must be carefully chosen to best suit the intended dosage form of a drug, and at the same time show great organoleptic properties, and conform to pharmacopeial regulations. This step is important in that a right excipient will have the ideal pharmacokinetic properties for your intended pharmaceutical application and work well with your existing equipment or fit into your manufacturing plan. The deciding factors are diverse and may include: the amount of compound needed, environmental conditions that might affect an excipient, the origin of the chemicals, or any other special factors,” added Prof. Jones later on.

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