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Creative BioMart, a leading global supplier of proteins and custom protein services, introduces 2 types of bacterial expression systems, enlarging its protein expression portfolio.

As a prominent global protein products and protein service provider, Creative BioMart has newly added two types of bacterial expression systems to its protein expression portfolio, namely E.coli expression system and Bacillus subtilis system. The former has been proved as one of the most preferred options for lab investigations and industrial manufacture in protein expression, while the latter is increasing its popularity in protein production for advantages that other expression systems cannot be compared with.


Bacterial expression systems are widely used in protein expression, protein purification, and protein production. A good bacterial expression should stand itself out in the following factors: easy to understand and manipulate, low cost or cost-effective, fast expression with high yield and high quality, easy to scale up, and short turnaround time.


The company sets up an E. coli expression platform to meet custom bacterial expression demands from its clients worldwide. The E. coli expression platform enables the scientists to collect a variety of expression vectors available with different C- and N- terminal tags and various host strains for selecting the most appropriate system. With well-established labeling protocols and an effective protein refolding system, this platform features in various fermentation scales upon needs within a comparatively short timeline, with a high yield yet at a low cost.


In the past decade, the Bacillus subtilis system has become a hot protein expression option since many industrial and pharmaceutical proteins were successfully expressed in gram-positive Bacilli strains. Bacilli strains are perfect hosts with an outer membrane that has no LPS and with a natural secretion capacity to export proteins directly into the extracellular medium. That is why, i.e., to satisfy the increasing expression needs of monomeric protein products at high expression levels, that Creative BioMart introduces its own Bacillus subtilis system. With proprietary fermentation protocols, the system allows for fast expression and scale-up development.


“We are capable to provide high quality proteins in various scales and at high purity levels with these two bacterial expression systems.” Says Cherry Brown, Chief Scientist of Creative BioMart, “It takes only 1 to 2 weeks for the protein expression and purification, and 1 to 8 weeks for scales from 1 liter to 5, 000 liters. Optional services including protein refolding, protein labeling, tag removal, protein analysis are also available at minimal cost.”


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Creative BioMart is a US-based leading expert with global radiation in providing high-quality protein products and efficient protein services. The company features in a wide range of protein products including recombinant proteins, GMP proteins, native proteins, assay kits, cell & tissue lysates, fluorescent proteins, and etc. It also excels at a comprehensive range of protein manufacturing techniques such as protein expression and purification, protein labeling, protein interaction, stable cell lines, and etc.

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