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To better its services in protein structure and protein crystallization, Creative Biostructure, a prominent server in structural biology and membrane protein technologies, has recently launched an innovative protein crystallization center.

Creative Biostructure, a US-based contract services provider in structural biology, has announced to launch an innovative protein crystallization center to better its services in protein structure and crystallization. The company claims to provide high-throughput and high-resolution protein crystals with its state-of-the-art facilities and a variety of efficient crystallization strategies in the novel center.


To give a little background, protein crystallization plays an important role in basic research, drug discovery and diagnostic studies. Over the past century, the scientists have built a data bank of more than 120,000 protein structures for scientific research, nearly 90% of that were resolved by X-ray crystallography. In this case, X-ray crystallography is a technique most favored in protein crystallization.


Creative Biostructure has established its unique X-ray platform in the center with a set of new instruments, including high-throughput liquid handling robots, high-resolution imaging systems, multipurpose X-ray diffractometers, and nano-liter crystallization robots. The platform features in using the advanced X-ray crystallography to support a non-stop pipeline covering all the stages of the structure determination of proteins, peptides and other macromolecules, including their complexes with small molecules and nucleic acids.


To get high resolution crystals, well-defined methodologies and flexible strategies should be applied in the experiments. The company provides a variety of protein crystallization strategies for the clients to choose from, especially for the challenging membrane protein crystallization. Each strategy has its own focus and advantages. The company suggests to combine different strategies in the crystallization experiments to get the best available result. Here is the list of the strategies offered by Creative Biostructure in alphabetic letters:

1. Bicelle-Protein Crystallization

2. Co-crystallization

3. Controlled In Meso Phase (CIMP) Crystallization

4. Crystallization Chaperone Strategies

5. Crystallization with Mutant Library Approaches

6. Lipidic Cubic Phase (LCP) Crystallization

7. Trace Fluorescent Labeling Crystallization


In the protein crystallization center, the company also prepares a series of efficient crystal growing, handling and seeding tools for specific crystallization manipulations, high-quality crystallization kits to optimize the growing of protein crystals, and different sizes of UniCrys™ Crystallization Plates for hanging-drop, sitting-drop, vapor diffusion and dialysis crystallization. The company is capable to provide specific crystallization types such as antibody-antigen complex, membrane proteins, small peptides, viral envelope glycoproteins, etc.


“Since 2005, we have already started our services in structural biology and membrane protein production.” Said Jerry Carter, Marketing Director of Creative Biostructure, “We have built up a comprehensive membrane protein screening platform and other effective platforms to support our contract services. With the launch of this protein crystallization center, we hold great confidence in our protein crystallization and structural determination service.”


About Creative Biostructure:

The company is a credited US-based yet worldwide supplier of membrane proteins and membrane protein technologies. In order to support the development of drug discovery and drug design, it has set up a variety of cost-effective platforms and comprehensive strategies to satisfy the increasing needs of high-quality membrane proteins and high-resolution protein crystals. Except for protein crystallization, the company also features in NMR services, Cryo-EM services and membrane protein expression.

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