Grow Light Central Now Sells Bud Trimming Machines, in Addition to Their Grow Light, Grow Tent, and Rosin Press Products 1
Grow Light Central is constantly expanding on their services and this has led to the addition of bud trimming machines to their stock.

USA – Grow Light Central is the number one online store carrying grow light products that have been tested and proven to work. As the leading supplier of grow lights across the United States, Grow Light Central is constantly expanding on their services and this has led to the addition of bud trimming machines to their stock.

Announcing the addition of bud trimmers to their stock, the spokesperson for their company noted, that their move comes as part of their company’s goals to make life simpler for customers. Known for the best selection of products in the market, Grow Light Central aims to, with the launch of their new products, reduce the overall stress associated with choosing the perfect bud trimming machine.

Announcing their latest product addition, the spokesperson for Grow Light Central said, “Trimming buds sucks! It’s labour-intensive and time-consuming. If you run a sizable operation, you need an army of trimmers to get through your harvest. Or one single machine, thanks to our research which has helped you narrow down your options from the multitude of available products. Today’s large industrial bud trimmers can replace up to 75 workers, however, even a small handheld manual trimming machine can speed up the process considerably. At Grow Light Central, we understand that the key is buying the right machine for your needs and that’s where we come in.”

While recommending that customers get trimmers that can handle both wet and dry trimming to improve efficiency and effectiveness of the machine, their team at Grow Light Central has extensively conducted researches on the best trimmers that will get the job done for their customers.

Published on their website at, Grow Light Central highlights some of the best choices of bud trimmers to purchase in 2019. Their team recommends the Magic Trimmer as the best automatic handheld trimmer. The trimmers are praised for their great application for both manual and automatic trimming. They boast of major advantages including the low price, compactness, lightweight, and precise control.

Additionally, for customers interested in bowl trimmers, Grow Light Central listed their line of bowl trimmers as the best option for interested buyers, as they are available in varieties and sizes. There are the automatic variants and manual variants all in three sizes of 16 inch, 18 inches, and 24 inches. Their line of bowl trimmers is known for their low cost, size varieties, and lightweight features.

Grow Light Central only carries top American brands of trimming machines, like Centurion Pro and Triminator. Customers interested in wet and dry trimming machines can also enjoy the full line of trimmers from Centurion. These trimmers are recommended for their high capacity, high-quality trims, full systems, and kief collections.

Grow Light Central is based at 412 N. Main St. Ste 100. For inquiries, contact their team via phone at 800-660-8319 or via email at Visit their website for additional information regarding their products.


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