San Mateo, CA ( ) May 23, 2019  MD Laser and Cosmetics is providing IPL PHOTOFACIAL services to every man and woman. This treatment is based on the intense pulsed light technology which is effective in rejuvenating the skin which has affected with the sunlight. This facial helps in clearing brown spots, rosacea on the face, body and the hands. This is the perfect treatment for any kinds of spots on the décolletage, neck, and face to get free from the unwanted red and brown spots.

 This treatment is really effective and painless even when the pulse of light directly contacts with the skin. Senior Doctor of MD Laser and Design says that this surgery feels like the cooling gel is applied to the skin. Normally, there is no requirement of anesthesia or any pain relieving medicine.

 Effects of IPL photofacial:

 This surgery is an attempt to get back the skin before the sun damage, face color and even bring betterment to the tone and texture of the skin. Other than this, read the below-mentioned effects to know about the results of such facial.

·         It tights the pores of the skin.

·         Resultant of the tightened pores, the skin tights.

·         It lessens the damage from the sunlight.

·         It decreases hyperpigmentation.

·          It is also useful in enhancing collagen and elastin production.

·         It boosts the facial outlines.

·         It leads to reduced acne from the skin.

·         It removes the scars or reduces them.

·         It treats skin flushing or skin reddishness which may cause because of stress, anxiety or depression.

 Time of treatment:

The time taken on the treatment depends upon the body part and the severity. Generally, it takes half an hour or an hour to cure the skin of the damage.

The Number of treatments:

In the case of normal skin problem, one to three procedures are enough to cure the skin problem. In the severe skin problem, the additional processes can be considered.

After treatment:

The patient may get the reddish skin after the treatment. The spots on the skin get darkened after the treatment but it lasts for an hour or for two days.

 Ipl skin revitalizing photofacial is one of the best ways to redevelop your interest into your beauty and enjoy your life. We assure you to provide the best services at affordable prices.

 About MD Laser and Cosmetics:

MD Laser and Cosmetics came into existence to make people feel and look beautiful. It offers various services like skin rejuvenation, laser removal, vaginal rejuvenation, lip augmentation, HCG weight loss, Kybella, Thermiva, instant thread lift, chemical peels, IPL photofacial, etc. It keeps bringing the new technologies and innovations to make changes to the looks of people. The owner of this company has experience of more than 27 years and his ardent to work on the latest technology and concept of cosmetology is bringing the difference to its services than others.  With all up-to-date techniques and theories, this company is providing the best results with all men and women to bring positive changes in their looks.

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