Leading Author Of New Book On Generational And Situational Poverty In America To Speak About How Charity Can Hurt Those Intended To Help 1
Author of book “Poverty Unchained” presented at the Red Lion Hotel in St. Joseph, Missouri on Tuesday, May 14th, 2019. on how Compassionate Charity can hurt those intended to help and what some of the ways Churches and Non-profits can look at what they are doing from a different perspective.

St Joseph, MO – Robert Den Ouden, the author of the book “Poverty Unchained – Do ‘We The People’ Really Want To Reduce Poverty In America,” does presentations for service groups, churches and organizations that serve the poor.  Den Ouden will cover the topic of Poverty in America, and efforts which are both happening and not happening to address its root causes. He has also done radio talk shows and is available for both radio and television appearances. 

According to Den Ouden, “This book is about looking at reducing poverty from a different perspective than the government’s solution, which has not and cannot work. It is from a Christian perspective and believes that capitalism is the solution and not the problem, which is too often portrayed in the world we live in. The book describes causes of poverty and what needs to be done to reduce poverty in America. The focus is on generational and situational poverty.” 

He continued, “I want to thank anyone is willing to give me the opportunity to speak on this very emotional topic.  Poverty affects all of us in America, either directly or indirectly; and its ramifications can be seen in virtually all areas of our lives. We are creating a generation of people dependent on others for their very survival.” 

According to his website ChoiceOrChance.com, “Den Ouden started his adult life as an educator and coach. He has been a business owner twice, been in supervisory capacity in a manufacturing plant and is currently retired from his business as an independent Financial Advisor.  or the past 12 years, Robert has felt a tugging on himself to focus on the poor and people who are less fortunate than he is. He spent those 12 years doing research and talking to people in the field to better understand the causes of poverty and how everyone can reduce poverty in America.”

Interested parties may review or buy the “Poverty Unchained” book at this link.  He also updates his website with articles on the topic of poverty and he also has provided archives of full interviews done recently with local radio stations on the Poverty Unchained YouTube channel.

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