Only through immense effort can an artist create a work that reflects the very life that it was inspired from. Many artists struggle when it comes to drawing the human body, in different ways. To make such artistic endeavors a little bit easier, Justin Martin, a creative artist himself, has authored the Poses for Artists book series. After the success of four acclaimed volumes, Justin has launched a Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign for the fifth installment in the series. Volume Five 5 is full of new poses, focusing on hands, skulls, pinups and many other poses.

Through this innovative book series, Martin aims to remove the inconveniences of finding the right subject to inspire an artists work. With these art references, artists can create figure drawings without the need for human models posing for hours. Instead, artists can work at their leisure with great comfort and efficiency. The series produces innovative poses and helps to speed up the entire process of drawing human anatomy and structure.

Like other books in the series, Poses for Artists Volume 5 features many human poses that can also be seen through Justin’s successful website The book aims to simplify the process of artistic creation, irrespective of the skill level of the artist. It has garnered many positive reviews from established, as well as budding artists. The funds collected through the campaign will be used for Volume Five’s production costs.

To support the book series and find out more about the rewards and discounts available for it’s backers, visit the official Kickstarter campaign page.

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