23 May, 2019 – USA – Physical retails stores are just a few blocks away from extinction.The two major reasons behind so are e-commerce websites and online classified ads. In the year of 2019 statistics show that the aggregate ad spending of Sri Lanka on online Classifieds is 20 Million USD, whereas the global spending amounts to 7,240 Million USD. The top five global spenders are China, U.S, U.K, Japan and France. For Sri Lanka, out of its 20 Million USD, 6.2 Million USD was for general advertising, 5.6 Million USD for Real Estate, 3.9 Million USD for jobs and 4.3 Million USD for Motors.

From these statistics we can derive facts for sure. First, the entire world, including the super-powers, is riding hard on the e-classifieds trend. Second, Sri Lanka is not far behind on this trend. And third, almost every sector that matters has started to rely on e-classifieds. With such facts and statistics, the importance of online classifieds is quite beyond questioning.

The mainstream e-classifieds are without doubt very prominent and have their own sets of perks. However, they do see major setback – an overpopulation of ads. And this overpopulation is often exploited by illegitimate posters – using fake ads as hooks for further dubious intentions. This is where the newcomers make their mark. Such e-class ified ad sites are compact, less flooded, more genuine and very exclusive.

One such e-classified in existence for Sri Lanka is https://add.lk. If you are looking online for ads postings in Sri Lanka and online classifieds in Sri Lanka, then you have definitely come across this site. And, if you have come across this site, then you must know that the reasons to stick on it are many. Add.lk, with thousands of ads from across the nation, covers every major sector that you could possibly need, including -mobile devices, automobiles, electronics, real estate, jobs, cab services, hotels and sports.

The website is particularly lovable for its interface. With a prompt site map and specific search filters – you will find the right ad in the right location in no time. The website provides unique metadata of the advertisements that help you quickly glance through multiple ads, along with genuine product pictures. Like a genuine and helpful e-classified site, add.lk gives you transparency with the advertiser. You can access both the phone number and email id of the seller.

Additionally you get reviews on the advertiser, chatting options and info like, joining date of the advertiser. For your own added benefits, you get the option to share the ad directly on different social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and such. Further, you can check other ads by the advertiser or mark the ad as a favourite for future references. As a part of the customer service segment site, you get the option to mail feedback to the Admin or even report a particular ad to be blocked. Overall, when you are looking for ad postings Sri Lanka, add.lk will provide you with a pretty excellent user experience. One of the major reasons behind its high ranking with the search engines

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