The Top 6 Most Influential Entrepreneurs Under 26 1

Over the last few years a silent wave began to gain momentum, social stigmas have began to change & the younger generations are now being given a new opportunity, one that didn’t exist when our parents were growing up. People like Garyvee are changing the game and showing young entrepreneurs how obtainable it is to turn your passion into an income. Of the thousands of entrepreneurs changing the game for everyone, i’ve put together the top 6 most influential entrepreneurs under 26 that are inspiring the masses.

1. Casey Adams – 18

Casey Adams is the CEO and Founder of the Internet Company Build Your Empire. At the age of 17, he had a Top 50 Business podcast in the world, where he has interviewed entrepreneurs like Ed Mylett, Grant Cardone, and Andy Frisella. After graduating High School in Virginia, he moved to Arizona where he now stays at the Build Your Empire mansion with his mentors and partners, John Malott and Joshua Denne. They hold quarterly events that sell out within a week, and have over 1.5 Million followers just on Instagram. Traveling the world to teach others about building a personal brand, hosting events & connecting powerful people, all while inspiring an entire generation by showing what’s possible at just 18 years old, Casey is surely practicing what he preaches, he is definitely building his empire.

2.  Joe Staiber – 20

The Top 6 Most Influential Entrepreneurs Under 26 2

Joe Staiber is the CEO and Founder of StaiberConsulting, a 6, soon to be 7 figure social media marketing agency where they focus on the 3 pillars every business needs to succeed, building and growing brand on social, getting their clients press & PR on massive news & media outlets, and then leveraging the social media growth and social credibility to run high converting marketing campaigns. These campaigns not only generate brand awareness, but more importantly revenue. Staiber learned many of his skills through his past venture, which was e-commerce. Joe had dropped out of college after completing his first semester, pursued growing his ecommerce business and after scaling multiple stores to 6 figures, began mentoring others. Joe took on over 250 students, which amassed a combined revenue of over one million in less than a year, while also growing to over 20k on social media. Joe has shown that no matter what your background, you can do anything you put your mind to, Joe is walking proof.

3. Josh King Madrid – 21

The Top 6 Most Influential Entrepreneurs Under 26 3

Josh King Madrid, AKA @Jetsetfly has been called the “Most Influential generation Z entrepreneur on this planet”. He has multiple 7 Figure Businesses, owns the largest ATM franchising company in the world, and just threw a massively successful event. Josh dropped out of college to pursue Shopify dropshipping and saw massive success in the venture. He is now focused on his new company, SalesX where he is building a massive sales agency with Ryan Stewman and Daniel Guaragna. Josh is truly living the life he loves and teaching others how to emulate his success, stay on the lookout for Josh, if you haven’t heard of him yet, you better look him up.

4. Ricky Gutierrez – 24

The Top 6 Most Influential Entrepreneurs Under 26 4

Ricky Gutierrez is the CEO and Founder of Techbuds Solutions. He has over 500,000 Subscribers on Youtube, and over 200,000 people in online trading community, Techbuds Solutions, making it the largest of its kind. At the age of 23, he became the youngest Millionaire in his city, Gilbert, Arizona. Ricky’s true passion is empowering others and teaching them how to gain financial freedom. Ricky might stay low key and only post for his fan base, but don’t be fooled, this entrepreneur is casting waves, showing thousands how to find financial freedom in the stock market.

5. Brodie Kern – 25

The Top 6 Most Influential Entrepreneurs Under 26 5

Brodie Kern is a Life Coach and Serial Entrepreneur. After years of drug and alcohol addiction, he decided to completely turn his life around and become a real estate professional. In his first year, he sold over 50 homes. After implementing spiritual practices in his life and seeing what it did for him, he started coaching men on how to level up their mind, body, spirit, and business in his program, Wake Up Wealthy. He has truly dedicated his life to helping other individuals level up and become better versions of themselves. Brodie embodies and demonstrates the power that one has within them if they just master their minds and hold themselves accountable. Wake up wealthy has some of the fastest growing entrepreneurs in the game, all helping each other level up. Forget the mindset, the networking alone is changing the game. 

6. Jeff Sekinger – 25

The Top 6 Most Influential Entrepreneurs Under 26 6

Jeff Sekinger is a credit coach and consultant. After working at J.P. Morgan and absolutely hating it, he went into business for himself. He now has made millions as a coach and traveled the world on credit. Jeff is not only teaching individuals about the number one most confused industry in the world, but living his dream life in the process.

The world Is changing, the education system is flawed, kids are graduating with more debt than ever before with a lower chance than ever before at finding a 6 figure job. Online income has been around for years, but these young entrepreneurs are bringing a whole lot of light to this industry, inspiring an entire generation to follow their passion, be their own boss, and make one hell of an impact while they’re at it.

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