Social media has created an increasingly complex environment to navigate for professional photographers and the individuals who hire them. Naturally, when it comes to wedding photography, newlyweds are more and more interested in what copyright laws means for their album.

According to Canadian copyright protection laws, photography professionals are guaranteed ownership by default. Here is where the confusion lies with many people hiring wedding photographers.

Private use versus commercial use, explained

Mango Studios is a creative wedding photography provider servicing Toronto, Miami, and many international markets. With several years of experience under their belt, the team has encountered multiple situations where the issue of copyright was debated. A key representative explains further, ‘Recently, we have been seeing more and more of our clients vividly interested in what copyright laws means for their wedding photos. In the visually driven era of social media and blogging, as unbelievable as it may sound, many people see their wedding photos as a potential source of revenue. We cannot stress enough the fact that it is illegal to sell your wedding photos to bride bloggers, wedding influencers, magazines or other public facing platforms, without the approval of the photographer. Clients usually feel entitled to do this because they commissioned someone to take the photos and they are the subjects. An important and preponderantly overlooked aspect is that the end-result is first and foremost owned by the photographer who gives the right for the images to used privately and personally, not commercially.”

Advice is one question away

Because reproducing wedding photographs without consent is expected to become a hot topic in the near future, Mango Studios is committed to ensuring all of their clients are aware of the intricacies of copyright regulations and simultaneously, protecting photographers’ rights over their work and reputation. ‘Imagine if someone sold their wedding photos to an outlet or individual who decided to heavily edit or alter the quality. Even worse, imagine if the photographs get in the wrong hands of a competitor who is not well intended. All of these situations can create a snowball effect with negative consequences for the photographer’s reputation,’ added the Mango Studios spokesperson.

The studio is taking various measures to ensure compliance is met at the highest standards. Besides one-on-one conversations with clients and contracts, the business has also detailed the implications and definitions of Canadian copyright rules in a comprehensive blog post, which can be found on their website.

About Mango Studios

With a heritage of over a decade, Mango Studios have been carefully building their reputation as creative photography experts. Their expansion across various international markets is a token of their professionalism and high-quality services. Offering a wide range of services from family portraits and corporate headshots to wedding photography and event photo booths, the Mango Studios team has a solution for every situation and need.

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