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Joseph Shalaby is a mortgage and real estate broker, author, philanthropist and advocate of Coptic Orthodox Christian Education. He is also the founding broker, pioneer, and CEO of E Mortgage Capital Inc., a nationally recognized company licensed in several states and founded in 2011. He has always specialized in providing the most innovative and extensive full-service residential and commercial loan options that allow people to choose favorable loan products customized for their situations. His mission is to revive the American Dream of possessing a house by serving all clients with integrity, simplicity, and innovation.

Early Life and Family He was born in Cairo, Egypt on September 6th, 1981 and later relocated to California at the age of 4. His parents immigrated to the US to escape Christian persecution that was happening in Egypt at that time. They also hoped that the US would offer their children better and greater opportunities without such living conditions. His father (Mohsen Shalaby) worked at a gas station while completing his residency and later he became a licensed California physician. His mother (Mary Shalaby) was a bank teller and later became a homemaker and a mother of 4 children. His siblings include Korollos Shalaby (Brother), Mina Shalaby (Brother), and Rene Shalaby (sister). He currently lives in Costa Mesa, Orange County, California with his wife (Jessica Shalaby), daughter (Alexandra Shalaby), and son (Theodore Shalaby). Mr. Joseph Shalaby speaks both English and Arabic.

Joseph’s Education Joseph Shalaby went to University of California Santa Barbara for his Bachelor of Arts (B.A), sociology from 1999-2002 where he graduated with honors. Later he enrolled for the Doctor of Law (J. D), law at the Abraham Lincoln University School of Law (2010-2012).

Volunteering Experience and Honoree Mr. Shalaby volunteered from January 2012 to May 2013 at FOCUS Orange County. He has been nominated and honored as an outstanding human and community volunteer (2012). He is consistent and loves those most in need. He would go in weekly to feed and interact with the homeless and serve in any capacity he is asked. Joseph Shalaby is also a member as well as a Deacon at St. Paul American Coptic Orthodox Church where he serves to make the Holy Bread for the liturgical services.

Work Experience Licensed to work as a mortgage broker in California, Colorado, Florida, and Hawaii, Joseph Shalaby, has over two decades of work experience. He has worked in various capacities within the California area while focusing on assisting clients to enhance their credit grade and equity position. He worked from June 2014 – March 2015 at Homepath Lending as the Executive Vice President, from November 2011 – June 2014 at the Pacific Banc Mortgage as the Retail Vice President. He also served as a Broker at the Prime Time Financial Consultants from December 2004 – December 2011.

Career Style His approach to business revolves around clients’ satisfaction. He offers an exceptional level of services while helping clients make short as well as long-term mortgage decisions. He thrives in factoring in financial goals, lifestyles, and necessities of the clients to offer flexible lending solutions. Utilizing his decades of experience, Shalaby has expanded the E mortgage Capital into eight branches throughout the Orange County area and Hawaii. He has also recently acquired a spacious office in Santa Ana, California. This has allowed him to further his development in customer-service and directly assist mortgagors as they secure their residential loans.

Cutting-Edge Innovations Mr. Shalaby remains constant in his quest to be abreast of the latest cutting-edge products and innovative mortgage options. This has ensured that his clients choose the absolute best loan products personalized for their individual situations. He actively seeks to provide market-competitive mortgage rates. He has recently introduced an innovation of lock loans online and lock-in interest rates with a guaranteed rate of up to 90 days that gives the client full assurance. Also, the newer definition and protections for Non-QM (Non-Qualified Mortgage) loans are now the alternative money and no-income loans being used throughout the E Mortgage Capital Inc. His dedication to best mortgage options has allowed him to establish himself as a pioneer in the mortgage industry.

Staff Relations Besides offering diverse mortgage products, Shalaby prides himself on a customer service level that is rarely attainable by other mortgage brokers. That’s because he is always striving for rapid progress from mortgage loans application to closing. He has a commitment of 10 days mortgage closing and a two-day window for completing most of the other loan process steps. He is also proud to have a large, competent, and customer-friendly support staff that is available to serve all clients’ needs.

The Shalaby Foundation Mr. Shalaby is the founder and chairman of the Shalaby foundation. He strongly believes in giving back and thus has also placed an illustrious record of philanthropy in the areas surrounding Orange County. With the founding of the Shalaby Foundation, he hopes to right the social wrongs that push many people to live in destitute lifestyles, underprivileged neighborhoods, and sorrowful poverty epidemic in America. From education, faith-based initiatives, to after-school programs, Joseph sets to scale up and light up livelihoods and enable people to reach their full potential.

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