New Book/E-Book Release – Finding God in Abandoned Places: Collection of Inspirational Short Stories by Michelle M Yost 1
In this new book, the author, Michelle M Yost shares inspiring stories of finding God in the most unlikely places.

May 25, 2019 – Author Michelle M Yost, has announced the release of her new book, Finding God in Abandoned Places: Collection of Inspirational Short Stories. Finding God in Abandoned Places is a collection of Christian short stories, largely inspired by a desire to recognize the presence of the Holy Spirit, anytime and anywhere in our modern world. Each story is a reflective, thought-provoking piece on how God speaks to us daily through his word, and how to build upon that for richer spiritual insights.

Have you ever felt nudged by an inner guiding voice? Especially in places and situations bereft of any sliver of hope or clarity? If so, then you may have been unwittingly tuned into the radio frequency of God’s voice.

In times of despair, confusion, disappointment, difficult experiences or painful events, life can begin to feel like an abandoned city. It is in times like these that God tends to reach out to us, but most are often unable to tune in.

Sometimes, it is eyes rather than ears which are required to spot God’s unfailing presence. Since time immemorial, we have been taught to look for Him only in the most sacred of places, but God’s presence is visible to those who know where and how to look. From the holiest of mountaintops to the darkest of depths. In the blueness of the skies above, and in the decrepit prison cell of an inmate convert, or even in the eyes of a child abandoned at the steps of an orphanage home, God’s grace is ever present. 

This engrossing anthology of stories includes:

  • The Abandoned Game Show Set
  • The Abandoned Prison
  • The Abandoned Bookstore
  • The Abandoned Funeral Home
  • The Abandoned Escape Room
  • The Abandoned Cabin
  • and many more…

Written in an eloquent, engaging and relatable style, Finding God in Abandoned Places is a comforting lighthouse amidst wrecking waves, and one spirit-filled book you won’t be putting down any time soon. So, what are you waiting for? You can download five free stories as a sample and read.

The 182 paged eBook is currently available on Amazon Kindle Edition for free – Kindle Unlimited (included in membership) or click HERE to buy. You can also get it in paperback at an affordable price.

About the Author

Michelle M Yost – A pharmacist, born and raised in Georgia, now resides in Texas to be closer to her identical twin sister, Nicole.  She considers Nicole her better half.  Their mother, Karin will soon be moving to Texas too.  Michelle shares her home with her two rescue dogs, Flash and Ruby. Michelle is a Christian and she enjoys writing.

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