Already Creating a Major Buzz Around the World, The Newly Launched Website is All About Streaming, Podcasting & Influencer Marketing

Vancouver, BC, Canada – May 25, 2019 – OneTwoStream has proudly announced the launch of its all-new website, which is dedicated to helping aspiring gamers and influencers worldwide. The goal of this new website is to help gamers and influencers start, grow, and monetize their Twitch stream and other social media presence, and let their content make money for them. Influencer marketing is becoming a global trend and in this age of social media, it is important to equip contemporary social influencers with all the right tools, which is exactly where this emerging online platform comes in to fill the gaps.

“OneTwoStream has everything to do with streaming, podcasting and influencer marketing, and we are welcoming the new generation of influencers to join us and become a part of our growing family,” said Alice Lynx of the OneTwoStream, while introducing the platform. “Besides helping influencers to monetize their Twitch channel, we also want to get them the right software, audio and video equipment as quickly as possible so that they can start creating great content,” she added. People love to watch others play games online or stream different activities such as art, performance, social eating and the platform is designed to share ways on how to make the most of this social entrepreneurship business model.

According to Alice, the website also features an informative blog covering several areas of key importance such as apparel, podcasting, streaming, hashtags and influencer interviews. In addition, the website of OneTwoStream is already getting a phenomenal response worldwide shortly after its launch. The newly launched website is already creating a major buzz in the active circles of emerging Twitch streamers as well as gamers, who are aspiring to make money from sharing their experiences. Furthermore, the blog on this amazing website is also playing a major role in educating the users regarding the proper techniques of keeping the audience attracted and engaged.

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