Innovative upstart technology firm, Udeonx, LLC, announces the pre-launch of its 2D maze-based mobile game – Extnt game

Extnt game is a 2D maze-based game designed by Udeonx, LLC., an upstart technology firm that focuses on providing comprehensive solutions to analytical and strategic initiatives. The game is currently under development and is expected to be released to the public in a few months. Developers of the game are however offering interested players an insight into the amazing features of the captivating maze game while also allowing them to subscribe via a pre-launch website –

Extnt game was developed for the primary objective of filling a gap in depth and control to a popular puzzle pastime. The game combines dynamic complexity with sophisticated procedural maze generation to offer players unprecedented gaming experience. The objective of the game revolves around finding the fastest exit path within a circular maze plane. Users get rewarded by solving puzzles and placement in population rankings.

One of the features of Extnt that distinguishes it from other maze games is the design, which is the adoption of a minimalist design approach with a central focus on maze gameplay. Other features of the game include advanced user controls and a differentiated level-based ranking system to offer players an amazing blend of sophistication and entertainment.

The aim of the developers is to provide players with a technologically sophisticated feel, primarily focusing on the maze and the complexity of available gameplay. The ambiance, music during gameplay, and overall user interface are incorporated to support a sense of appreciation for complexity and sophistication.

Persons interested in Extnt Game can subscribe via the pre-launch website form that is currently available at

More information about Extnt Game and other projects from Udeonx, LLC can be found on their website and Twitter.

About Udeonx, LLC

Udeonx, LLC is an upstart technology firm with a focus on providing comprehensive solutions to analytical and strategic initiatives. The firm provides solutions to three main subject areas –Technology, Strategy, and Analytics. The Technology arm focuses on intelligent applications and mobile development, while the Strategy branch focuses on business strategy and analytical technology strategy. The Analytics area is focused on Full-stack data science expertise with machine learning and deep learning solutions.

Udeonx, LLC targets 3 commercial verticals and the consumer market – Finance, High Tech, and Retail.

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