TerraMaster launches the superfast F4-421 for small and medium businesses 1

Leading provider of technology-driven storage solutions, TerraMaster, announces the launch of the F4-421 4-Bay NAS for Small/medium Business

TerraMaster has again reiterated its goal of continuously exploring storage technology and applications to provide customers with a complete, reliable and trusted data storage solution. This is so as the company recently launched the F4-421, a state-of-the-art storage solution specifically designed to address the diverse needs of small and medium business, with features that stand it out from other devices on the market.

The F4-421 4-Bay NAS comes with amazing features that make it the ideal storage device for small and medium businesses. The device comes as a solution to the need of users, as opposed to the several storage devices that are not particularly designed for such businesses.

TerraMaster launches the superfast F4-421 for small and medium businesses 2

With a powerful configuration that includes an Intel quad-core processor, the F4-421 guarantees excellent performance with a frequency of up to 1.5 GHz (max turbo to 2.3 GHz). The device supports AES NI hardware encryption with a read speed of 410 MB/s and write speed up to 405 MB/s. The F4-421 is great for storage servers with 4GB DDR3 memory and four 1000Mbps network interfaces.

The F4-421 device is equipped with multiple layers of data security including AES hardware folder encryption and network transport encryption, Cloud drive data backup, and Automatic scheduled backup. This is to ensure the maximum safety and security of users’ data.

TerraMaster launches the superfast F4-421 for small and medium businesses 3

Relying on the Btrfs file system, the F4-421 offers a superior storage technology and optimised snapshot technology. Consequently, users get advanced data protection, prevention of data corruption, and minimal maintenance expenses. The system also offers high data integrity, flexibility and efficiency in the areas of data protection and data recovery.

Other features and benefits of the F4-421 4-Bay NAS include four Gigabit network interfaces for faster and safer data storage, SSD Cache for enhanced transmission efficiency, support for Multiple RAID Modes. The F4-421 also offers users the opportunity to establish a personal cloud drive to meet their remote access needs and the State-of-the-Art TOS 4.0.X Operating System.

TerraMaster launches the superfast F4-421 for small and medium businesses 4

In line with the company’s pursuit of satisfying the needs of its customers, and in this case, small businesses, the F4-421 comes with smart mobile app. The TNAS mobile app allows users to quickly access their TNAS device and its multimedia data without restrictions through their iOS or Android system.

More information about F4-421 4-Bay NAS for Small/medium Business and how to acquire the powerful device as well as other innovative storage solutions from TerraMaster can be found on their website.

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