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Individuals trapped in a cycle of destructive relationships and looking for a way out now have a dynamic resource to empower them following the launch of the new book, Break Free from the Cycle of Destructive Relationships.

DALLAS, TX – May 13, 2019 – In Break Free from the Cycle of Destructive Relationships, author, speaker, and licensed attorney, Yolanda R. Cumbess, J.D., connects instantly with readers through a guided self-reflection of her own battle with destructive relationships and her pursuit of a deeper relationship with God. Through this inspiring guide, the author shows readers how to gain the ability to understand relationships and how to find the courage to live healthier, more positive, and more productive lives. Cumbess gets to the root of the matter by defining a destructive relationship and outlining how to: recognize destructive patterns, establish healthy boundaries, forgive others, pursue God’s plan, and embrace one’s identity in Christ.

Break Free from the Cycle of Destructive Relationships, Cumbess’ second book, is written with a clarity and honesty that readers will appreciate. Cumbess points to the fact that both of her parents had destructive relationships that were marked by abuse as the source from which her tolerance for destructive relationships might have stemmed. “I do not remember any of my parent’s relationships being healthy, nor do I ever remember my parents being alone for long. Although I was successful in life, my personal relationships were not that great. I was overly trusting and was repeatedly lied to, manipulated, and devalued.”

When asked about her motivation to write this book, Cumbess explained: “Having experienced several abusive relationships, I understand how hard it is to break free from this cycle even when you have the will to do it. I wanted to inspire courage within these individuals to get out and pursue a healthier and more fulfilled life.”

Yolanda Cumbess is a licensed attorney who works as a primary patent examiner at the United States Patent and Trademark Office in Alexandria, Virginia. She obtained her ministry license in 2017 through the Higher Ground Always Abounding Assembly, Inc., and serves in various church ministries and community outreach services. In 2015, Yolanda was published as a contributing author of Life Happens But You Can Finish: The Trials, Triumphs and Truths of 12 Amazing Finishers.

To learn more about Yolanda, visit her at: www.breaktheyoke.org

Published by Purposely Created Publishing, Break Free from the Cycle of Destructive Relationships is available in Kindle and paperback formats on Amazon.com

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