What Are Some Fun Filled Team Games To Play During Corporate Day Outing?

Corporate work life is a mix of long hours, deadlines, meetings, negotiations, project submissions and lots and lots of exhausting and demanding tasks in hand.   As per a WHO report, an adult spends about one-third of his adulthood at work. Working conditions have a significant impact on an employee’s psychological and physical health and on his productivity at work. Corporate day outings have become quite a common feature amongst corporate these days. The end purpose is to provide for an environment where employees get the opportunity to strengthen their bonds with each other, enhance their communication and collaborative skills. While all these aspects can be addressed inside the four walls of the office too, outings help to provide an informal atmosphere outside the confines of the office space.

Team building activities are one of the healthiest and positive ways to build a strong team. It is also important that these activities have a fun element to them – else they can turn out to be as monotonous as routine office work. Here are some great fun-filled team games that provide key learnings in an excitement filled environment.

1. The Tic Tac Toe Game

Tic Tac Toe, as we all are familiar, is a very popular game amongst kids. Also called the Noughts and Crosses game, it is required to play by two people where the X’s and O’s need to be placed in a synchronised manner and the one who can finish first, is the winner. This simple game is amplified to a much larger scale, to be played by two groups of players – the objective remains the same – to achieve a perfect line of either X’s or O’s first.

The only difference being that here, each step is played by a different member of the group. Hence a lot of responsibility lies on the shoulders of the team members because one wrong step at their end can cost the entire team losing the game.

Key Learnings: The game is usually organised outdoors and hence good fun. But it is also a serious one where players need to be careful and anticipative. They also need to use their mental aptitude to be able to act smartly and swiftly. This employee engagement activity helps team members to be responsible and pushes them to give their best for the better of the team.

2. The Interlocker

The smaller a version of this activity may have been played by many of us as youngsters. Here in this activity that typically takes place in an outdoor venue – a big garden or lawn or an open ground – is again played as a team challenge where different teams are formed to compete with one another. At the beginning of the activity, each team is handed over a blueprint and 15 pieces of planks, where each piece can be interlocked only with another precise piece.

The task for the group is to sit down and strategize well beforehand and go about getting all the planks interlocked properly to form the structure as mentioned on the blueprint.

Key Learnings: Involving physical and mental faculties, this corporate team outing activity is entertaining and interesting proving to be lots of fun for each team. Members learn to come together to plan and work as a team to execute the plan to come out winners. Collaboration, strategy making, decision taking are some important life skills stressed through this exercise.

3. Pipeline

An activity that needs thorough focus and true team spirit, this activity involves different members of the team to stand in a queue holding pieces of a pipe that have been halved from the top horizontally. The objective is to hold the pieces in such a way that a small ball is transported from one end to the other until it is made to drop into a bucket at the end. It is fun because team members need to coordinate well with one other so that one end of the pipe held by one member, is perfectly aligned with the end of the pipe held by his colleague next to him. In case there is a problem with synchronisation, the ball will fall midway, and the activity would be required to be started again.

Key Learnings: Coordination and collaboration are fundamental aspects of a team. This corporate team experience, besides being exciting and enjoyable enables members to understand this basic concept well and perform in complete sync with one another.

4. Cook it up

There can be nothing better for a corporate team offsite activity than to come together, brainstorm, plan, organise, allocate and then execute to deliver best results. Cooking and music are two such activities that not only help your colleagues and other participants to understand and acknowledge your hidden talents but also provide great learning opportunities to everyone involved.

The cook it up team activity has been designed and conceptualized with this purpose in mind. Not everyone loves to cook and hence when teams are formed in this task, you can expect some members to look forward to the activity with great enthusiasm and some to be taking the back benches. But the purpose is to involve everyone to contribute meaningfully for the success of the team. The activity involves each team cooking a dish from a five-course menu. It doesn’t end here.

The dish that has been cooked by each team is what the entire group gets to eat at the end of the task. Hence you need to perform well so that everyone can have a satisfactory meal at the end of such high-voltage drama and performance.

Key Learnings: one great feature of this activity is the leadership role that one of the members takes up. Other great aspects of this activity are the planning and strategizing on what to cook, how to best use the raw materials are given, which member performs what role etc. In the end, it is all about a sense of achievement that can come only with honest participation from each associate of the team.

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