Are you ready to create that body you’ve always dreamed of? Are you ready to stop feeling self-conscious every time you walk around? If yes, the tailor-made, scientifically backed fitness programs of Upgraded Fitness are the answer!

A study by a team at the University of Glasgow found that almost 90% of the UK’s leading weight management bloggers actually give wrong and misleading information. Obesity is a global problem, and the problem may be even worse in other countries. With such alarming statistics, it’s not surprising that so many people struggle to get the body they desire. They are following the information that is inaccurate and rarely backed up with evidence. It is not surprising that people end up quitting on exercise, resort to expensive surgeries, or buy useless fat burning miracle pill scams online.

Upgraded Fitness provides premier tailor-made fitness programs that are backed by proven scientific evidence. What does this mean for you? It means that you get personalized training programs based on a variety of individual variables: age, height, weight, body type, goals, and even ethnicity. Very few other programs, if any, take all these factors into account. Personalized plans are often only available when hiring a knowledgeable personal trainer and usually come with a hefty price tag.

Upgraded Fitness is designed by a world-class mathematician who has taught at Oxford University, and who have developed systems to help Formula 1 racing and Olympic athletes improve performance. Backed by the desire to help people lead the healthier lives they deserve, Upgraded Fitness uses a similar approach of mathematical modeling to solve the riddle of weight loss, muscle toning, and muscle building.

Performance in elite sport, such as the Olympics and Formula 1 racing, has been optimized by applying mathematical models. In a similar way, we’ve created data-driven algorithms to finally solve the riddle of effective weight loss and muscle tone. – Ali Cheval, CEO

The beauty of the Upgraded Fitness program is that it not only helps you burn those calories, but it can also help you lose fat even once you’ve finished your workout. All the exercises are rigorously researched, tested and designed to work for the individual’s current goals, activity level, age, etc.

So what are you waiting for? It’s time to ditch the excuses and get that body you’ve always wanted. Visit to begin immediately.

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