In Korea, smart farming technology is evolving day by day.

Researches conducted on smart farming, specifically on the automatic control systems of greenhouse environments to achieve the best productivity and quality of crops, are currently very active.

In the winter when damages by blight and harmful insects cannot be avoided

Protected strawberries, which are cultivated by being installed waist-high in a greenhouse, are transplanted normally in September and harvested from late May to early June of the next year. So, winter is a season that cannot be avoided. Winter is a season that requires caution due to the high possibility of the occurrence of gray molds in greenhouses, etc. using waterproof equipment for keeping the warmth during low temperatures in the winter.

These problems have existed to farmers for a long time, but there were no definite solutions. 

The Rural Development Administration executed the ‘ICT-integrated protected strawberries temperature and humidity environment control pilot project’ at 10 farms around the country.

Sysco Co., Ltd. of Korea, which developed the energy reduction and the future energy integrated technology of Korea in 2018, applied “the ICT-integrated temperature and humidity environment controller,” which was applied to the pilot project, to 10 farms (Yangju, Sokcho, Okcheon, Dangjin, Iksan, Suncheon, Pohang, Sancheong, Gijang and Ulsan) cultivating strawberries in greenhouses.

For a successful test, the angle changeable fan of Sysco Co., Ltd and the ICT system which is a remote-control device was also added.

Succeeded in controlling temperature and humidity 

As a result, the humidity in the greenhouse was removed so the environment became pleasant and in some pilot farms, the mobility rate of gray mold was reduced by 20%. Above all, 92% of farms using it had a high satisfaction level for provided technology. 

“The ICT-integrated temperature and humidity environment controller’ has 4 operation modes depending on the internal and external conditions of a greenhouse.

It has indoor air circulation, heat recovery ventilation, temperature-compensated heat recovery ventilation, and forced ventilation functions. It is the latest technology that recovers the airflow and the heat remaining in the air, adjusts a controlled temperature and also controls humidity.

The occurrence of gray molds and blight and harmful insects was reduced because the dew was quickly removed in the morning as the humid air in the greenhouse got out and the relatively dry, outside air was supplied inside. It was also analyzed that the colors of the leaves of the strawberries got better and that the blight and harmful insects were reduced because the temperature and humidity of the greenhouse became equalized as the air circulation fan used simultaneously blew the air on top and at the bottom of the greenhouse.

The Rural Development Administration of Korea announced that they have implemented a pilot project at 13 farms including Yongin and Hwaseong this year and will continue the project for farms cultivating protected strawberries until next year.

They are also offering education on the principle of the system and how to use it so that farmers who are not accustomed to using ICT can use the technology easily.

When the product showcasing session ended, Gwang-soo Lee, the CEO of Sysco Co., Ltd., mentioned that “the convenience of farmers will be improved and the profits of farming families will increase more through the ICT-integrated temperature and humidity environment controller.”

The smart farm is one of the projects that’s been receiving great support from the Korean government in recent years as the government is actively promoting companies that have successful research results to develop systems and devices so that they can become the center of the future economy. Sysco Co., Ltd. is a company that sets itself apart from others as its vision is to think of the farmers, the environment and energy.

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