Targeting customers through digital means has become easier than ever. It’s no longer necessary to meet potential customers in person, call them on the phone, or even directly message them; you just have to gain their attention! Ecommerce Website Design agency, Huemor, explains how to target prospective customers and increase sales.

Use Targeted Ads

Targeted Ads are different from a commercial or billboard that advertises to the general public. Although it may seem like a good thing to broadcast your service to as many people as possible, it can be quite costly and also ineffective. If you use targeted ads, you can pinpoint your target audience through location, gender, age, interests and more to ensure you get in front of the people who are most likely to use or buy your products. That’s more cost effective than broadcasting.

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Social Media Presence

Your idea customer is already here—why aren’t you? It’s important to consistently post relevant content and to engage with your ideal customer on whichever platform you choose. People love it when you pay attention to them: the ability to build a one-on-one connection is what makes social media so powerful, especially in the beginning.

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Study Your Visitors to Make Smart Recommendations

Software like Facebook’s Pixel or Google Analytics can tell you who visits your website, where they’ve come from, and even which pages they stayed on. You can use this information to push more relevant content or offers towards common entry points—if 72% of your site’s visitors navigate to a specific category on your site, why not call that out on the home page?

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