Matexcel Provides a Comprehensive List of Hyaluronic Acid Products 1

Hyaluronic acid (HA), with its unique molecular structure and physical and chemical properties in the body, shows a variety of important physiological functions, such as lubricating joints, regulating vascular wall permeability, regulating proteins, water and electrolyte diffusion and transport, and promoting wound healing. It is particularly important that hyaluronic acid, with its special water-retaining effect, is the most moisturizing substance found in nature at present and is known as the ideal natural moisturizing factor.

As a high-quality materials provider, Matexcel can produce HA with different molecular weights, from 3000 to 2 million Daltons to meet different customers’ needs such as research, cosmetic, food, injection and eye-drop grades.

After years of technological innovation, Matexcel provides nearly 50 Hyaluronic acid products for customers to choose including: Hyaluronic acid sodium salt from Streptococcus equi, 1.2KDa, Hyaluronic acid sodium salt from Streptococcus equi, 8-15KDa, Hyaluronic acid sodium salt from bovine vitreous humor, Hyaluronic acid sodium salt from rooster comb, Hyaluronic acid sodium salt from Streptococcus zooepidemicus, FITC-labelled Hyaluronic Acid, >1000 KDa, Hyaluronic Acid Sodium Salt, 600-1000 kDa, etc.

With years of commitment to supply better ceramic, nanoparticles, and other materials for worldwide customers from both academia and industry, Matexcel is always updating its product lists to meet specific needs.

To whole list of Hyaluronic acid products supplied by Matexcel can be viewed here:

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