September 4th, 2019 – Headless Boards, based in Seattle, has launched their first product, the Electric Cruiser. The product is substantially different from other electric skateboards on the market in that it lacks a discrete handheld controller with the initial motive force being provided by the user’s own pushes and the motor engaging to maintain whatever speed the user has achieved. This difference puts the Electric Cruiser in a new category of electric skateboard, one that seamlessly integrates electric power with the simplicity of a traditional skateboarding experience at a price point substantially lower than that of most electric skateboards. 

The electro-assist features of the board are controlled by a single button, located on the deck surface where a rider would normally place their back foot. The user steps on the button to enable the motor and releases to coast unpowered. If the user wants to increase their speed, they can do so by kicking as they would on a traditional board. Although the power system is designed to maintain a board speed of up to 12 miles per hour for 6 miles on a single charge, users can increase these numbers significantly by kicking.

The Electric Cruiser has no remote; its simplicity gives it an approachable learning curve. Most people who are familiar with a standard manual skateboard can learn to use the Electric Cruiser in a matter of minutes. Furthermore, the hands-free riding experience brings the user back to the nostalgia of the humble cruiser-style skateboard; they don’t need to keep track of a remote. The rider can feel the wind on their palms or come to a stop and pick-up their board as they would with a non-electric board. 

The reduced need for battery power to operate this hybrid human-electric skateboard means that it is extremely lightweight. Weighing in at only 5.5 pounds, or 2.5 kilograms, the Electric Cruiser is a fraction the weight of typical electric skateboards and makes it far easier to carry. At a length of 22 inches, it is one of the world’s smallest electric skateboards. Even with its diminutive size, this board has been designed for both young and old; anyone who enjoys riding a cruiser board will feel right at home with the Electric Cruiser.

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The Electric Cruiser is available for pre-order on the Headless Boards website ( at a limited time price of $229 with an expected MSRP of $299. The board is expected to ship in February 2020.

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