Stars Are Shinning, Masters Are Gathering! CDEF China Digital Economy Conference Successfully Held in Shenzhen, China 1

On September 26, 2019, CDEF China Digital Economy Conference hosted by Gongshi Media and Link Weekly and sponsored by Loctite Assets, was successfully held in Shenzhen, the city of science and technology. The theme of this Conference was “Investment and Financing Summit”, and the involved projects covered lots of industries such as 5G, AI, smart chip, Internet of Things, blockchain, and cultural creativity. The atmosphere was extremely positive, as lots of elites from across industries and different market segments communicated and had exchanged thoughts and ideas, while jointly promoting the authorized industries to develop for leading the future.

Stars Are Shinning, Masters Are Gathering! CDEF China Digital Economy Conference Successfully Held in Shenzhen, China 2
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This conference also attracted lots of corporate and industrial elites, and it gathered all kinds of innovation and entrepreneurial resources, promoted the project communication and sharing of pioneering enterprises, and received a greater boost in terms of the healthy development of China digital economy. At the conference, the crowd was loud and boisterous, as large quantities of participants studied and communicated with each other.

Stars Are Shinning, Masters Are Gathering! CDEF China Digital Economy Conference Successfully Held in Shenzhen, China 3On-site picture

As the crowd waved the Five-Starred Red Flag, the opening ceremony was jointly started by CDEF chairman, Ma Hong, founder of Haofeng Capital, CDEF executive chairman, founder of Link Weekly She-Ra, CDEF secretary general, Huang Yufei chief editor of People’s Daily overseas network channel, godfather of new OTC market, Cheng xiaoming, dean of NEEQ College, tutor of Tsinghua University, TBanco founder, president of the industrial blockchain foundation, Kan Lei, author of Industry 4.0, Dr. Zhang Ming, president of US-China venture capital fund, Guoxiaoyan, secretary general of blockchain supervision sandbox development committee of China e-commerce association, Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, Kyson Weng, LT Ecological CEO, COO of Matus Lestan, LT partner and chief operating officer, and Jason co-partner of EM capital alliance.

At the beginning of the conference, Ma Hong, CDEF chairman, addressed and announced the grand opening of CDEF 2019 China Digital Economy Conference. In the Conference, chairman Ma Hong expressed that it is the second session of “China Digital Economy Conference”, and they hope to seek opportunities through China Digital Economy Conference and to jointly create a legal investment and financing platform integrating the investment adviser team (such as traditional finance, law firm, accounting firm and consulting firms) and digital economic high-tech industries and virtual digital asset field with all of the participants, thereby presenting abundant fund for the high-quality projects and insufficient projects for ambitious and bold investment institutions.

Tong Yu, business consultant industry evangelist of the conference sponsor Loctite Assets gave a lecture on the need for LT ecological applications. Gong Yu introduced the project as a whole with his funny language and novel metaphors enabled the people to have a deeper impression on Loctite Assets and feel the charm of Loctite. In the process, participants were enthusiastic and interactive, the whole atmosphere was active. Gong Yu told, “Cash is only a tool and a social product and it aims to promote the capital circulation. Cash will be replaced at any time if there are something which can better facilitate the capital to circulate. Loctite Assets utilizes technology to directly circulate capital and reduce the capital circulation threshold, helps everyone become bankers, and in the future, it will become the new circulation mode certainly.”

The 2019 China Digital Economy Conference has an extraordinary significance. The Conference not only provides innovative entrepreneurial enterprise projects with exhibition platform but also conducts the capital market docking for the promising corporate projects, boosting enterprises to develop and integrate technology and finance. Lots of experts, scholars, enterprises and entrepreneurial projects made a systematic and all-round guidance and discussion from multiple aspects such as strategic layout, technological innovation, market layout and business mode. Lots of useful information and knowledge benefitted the entrepreneurs and investors alike.

Stars Are Shinning, Masters Are Gathering! CDEF China Digital Economy Conference Successfully Held in Shenzhen, China 4

Thanks to the exclusive strategic cooperation media (Moon Finance and Economics), strategic cooperation institutions (Sea Club, 90s Media, Sifang Capital, Domi Block, ELLIPAL, Dream Chaser Fund, Kirin Community, DCS) and supporting units (FREEbank, BJS, FBK, AEEx, LUXEFog Finance and Economics) and TV media (GDTV, CNR, ZJTV, overseas media, and portal media) of this Conference again. Special thanks to the masters who shared wonderful knowledge. We look forward to meeting again at the next summit!

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