Asesoria Migratoria Efectiva Provides USA Visa Services in San Salvador, El Salvador 1
Asesoria Migratoria Efectiva is offering US visa services in El Salvador. The company is providing many services including but not limited to permanent USA visas, K Fiancee Visa, and US tourist visas. Asesoria Migratoria Efectiva also provides many consultation services on immigration.

SAN SALVADOR, El Salvador – Asesoria Migratoria Efectiva is offering many USA visa services in El Salvador. In addition to helping people apply for visas, the company also assists clients in scheduling appointments with the USA embassy in the country. 

Asesoria Migratoria Efectiva is assisting the people of El Salvador to obtain US visas. The company assists its clients to obtain all types of visa including US tourist visas, permanent US visas, and K fiancée Visas. Asesoria Migratoria Efectiva also helps with many other individual services. The company helps clients fill form DS 160, I-130, DS 260, DS 261, and 864. Asesoria Migratoria Efectiva also helps clients schedule appointments with the US embassy. The company also assists its clients to pay for consular appointment payments and more. 

Asesoria Migratoria El Salvador is the immigration law firm that delivers results. Clients can contact the law firm for a thorough and complete consultation. Asesoria Migratoria Efectiva gives clients a set of questions and answers that the consular officer might perform during the interview for US tourist visas. The law firm also gives its clients a list of requirements and documentation that they may need to succeed to get a US visa. For instance, if a client needs a K fiancée visa he must show that he, the petitioner, is a US citizen. He must also prove that he intends to marry within the first 90 days that his fiancée enters the United States. There are exceptions that Asesoria Migratoria Efectiva can highlight and discuss with the clients. The company helps clients in many other ways. Visit the Asesoria Migratoria Efectiva website for more information. 

About Us

Asesoria Migratoria Efectiva is an immigration law firm based in San Salvador, El Salvador. The firm helps people get USA visas. Asesoria Migratoria Efectiva was founded by an American citizen trained in immigration law in California. The founder was also trained in the American embassy through the “Visit USA” program. Asesoria Migratoria Efectiva has offices in Florida where the law firm residences and citizenship procedures. In addition to helping people obtain US visas, the law firm also offers consultation services to its clients. Asesoria Migratoria Efectiva is an expert in immigration law and it delivers positive results.

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