In today’s digital era, for most businesses the difference between success and failure lies in the effectiveness of their online presence. Whether it is an attractive, vibrant website, engaging and regular email and social media communications, or a prominent place in website search rankings, the digital arena is increasingly the place that consumers are looking to when browsing for products and services.

While an exciting and colorful website plays a key role in this, it is all for nothing if no-one can find it – a company could have the best website in the world, but all the hard work in designing and coding it is wasted if it’s not given pride of place in the search results of engines such as Google. Boosting a website’s profile is achievable via a number of techniques, all of which are broadly described as SEO (search engine optimization).

SEO Reseller Guy is a company that specializes in various aspects of SEO. One of these methods is blogger outreach, which is the practice of having influential external bloggers and writers across the internet producing authoritative articles about a company, its services and its website, then using their already-prominent web presence to backlinks to the company’s site. Search engines react favorably to quality, respected backlinks and this usually results in a company’s site climbing the search rankings.

The team at SEO Reseller Guy aims to maximize the potential in blogger outreach by carefully matching their client’s site with the most appropriate bloggers and publications. The resulting content from bloggers and publications can be creative copywriting or something more multimedia. Whether that content is in-depth articles, eBooks, presentations or product reviews, it is aimed at expanding brand awareness and driving more traffic to the client’s website.

The SEO Reseller Guy team also handles the logistical side of the ongoing work, fielding ongoing conversations between everyone involved, including approvals processes. Following this, they will monitor performance on a rolling basis, tracking the results and refining the approach to ensure responses are at their best. This includes checking which target groups reacted and measuring click-through rates, open rates and reply rates.

Another effective way of promoting a company’s services is the traditional press release. The SEO Reseller Guy team also writes and distributes press releases to many of the world’s leading news outlets such as Fox TV stations, ABC, CBS and NBC, ensuring maximum coverage for a company’s website and also having an impact on SEO – mentioning this coverage on a website can boost the likelihood of being picked up on Google News.

Print newspapers such as the Boston Globe and Miami Herald will also be included in this distribution, and SEO Reseller Guy will provide a complete report on the performance of this publishing afterwards – and they also handle reputation SEO, which can push down the rankings any web pages that contain negative or critical comments.

About SEO Reseller Guy

SEO Reseller Guy is a specialist SEO company, who provide white label SEO services to companies in the USA and Canada. They do this by working with external, influential bloggers to boost traffic to websites, and also write and distribute press releases to high profile news outlets. 

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