INK, first-ever AI-powered content optimization platform reinvents how publishers write and rank
INK propels web content to rank higher and with more authority in accordance with search engine priorities

HOUSTON, TEXAS – Say hello to INK, a free desktop platform for writing web content. It is the first-of-its-kind artificial intelligence (A.I.), self-service search engine optimization (SEO) and writing platform for content creators. The INK A.I. becomes smarter with every use and provides only semantically-sound, necessary SEO and grammar guidance in a distraction-free writing environment.

INK ushers in a new era of content, Content Performance Optimization (CPO) allowing content to rank higher and with more authority in search engines. It’s designed around what search engines are “looking for” right now – so writers never have to worry about staying relevant.

At launch, this first generation, free platform introduces CPO through a beautiful user interface which offers distraction-free writing, with industry-changing enhancements to come over the next year.

INK is the most upvoted product on Product Hunt in 2019.

INK was born out of a need to automate the SEO process for content writers. Current options are fragmented, costly, and do not offer a full suite of services centered around the writer. No other editing platform is able to model the semantic space for each unique search query to provide accurate recommendations in real-time. Even in its private beta, hundreds of INK users are experiencing success with their content reaching millions of visitors.

At its very basic level, INK users enter the keyword or words they want to rank for and receive a customized and prioritized list of tasks that, when completed, immediately gives content a headstart in the race to rank in top search results. INK helps optimize content for each writer’s audience using a robust AI that learns in real time – putting the power of search engine optimization in the hands of content creators.

Here’s how it works:

  • Write and edit in INK on desktop
  • INK A.I. provides real-time relevancy scoring and guidance
  • Download .ink file
  • Upload to content platform

Users can continue to write where they already publish and use INK as their essential content tool. Choose from modes, like: distraction free, light and dark – even dyslexia and colorblind options.

Co-founder Alexander De Ridder said, “We are excited to share INK with the world. For over two years, INK worked with our agency and enterprise clients to develop content optimization techniques contributing to millions of organic views. Now, for the first time, our advanced research into the brain of search engines has been automated and we are putting it in the hands of content creators worldwide.”

Writers can now move away from creating web content within places like general documents, where content performance is not considered, and leverage everything essential for web content in one place. INK allows you to export your content as HTML, and as MARKDOWN, or you can copy and paste your optimized content.

“Even for the most seasoned writers, creating content that ranks is a guess. An educated guess, but a guess none the less. INK gives content creators the power to write in their voice with real time insights that assist in providing the best rank candidate. We wanted to take the guesswork out of SEO and believe we did,” said Michael Umansky, Co-founder & CEO.

Currently, INK is available as a desktop platform with a companion WordPress plugin, with future integrations coming soon, and is available on both Windows and Mac computers. The company will always maintain a free version with more robust, upgradium features available for teams and superusers.

Download INK for free and begin writing.

About INK

INK is a real-time web content optimization platform and first of its kind tool that gives writers control over their content’s organic search destiny. INK helps writers, WordPress users, and non-SEO experts self-optimize and edit content through an easy-to-use, AI powered app and plugin. INK’s optimization scoring system ranks keyword competitiveness based on a scan of the digital landscape which the tool uses to compare similar articles to the one article being written. Scores rise as content creators knockout simple prioritized tasks that take the guesswork out of search engine optimization. With INK, writers are able to optimize content for search prior to pressing “publish” giving articles and blog posts a head-start on being found without sacrificing writing style.

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