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Almond Flour Market:

Executive Summary

Almond flour is one of the most commonly used items for baking, and is produced mainly from the ground sweet almonds. It is one of the most popular items available in almost every kitchen and is perfect for preparing some delicious yet gluten-free items. It is considered as one of the most effective substitutes to the wheat flour and is filled with nutrients and low in carbohydrate thus making it a perfect match for most of them who are strictly into maintaining a healthy lifestyle. It also helps in reducing LDL, or bad cholesterol as well as helps in insulin resistance as well.

The complete method of getting almond flour involves the blanching of almonds in hot water, followed by removal of the skin, and then grinding as well as sifting them for making a fine flour. Most people confuse it with the almond meal, but the difference in the texture makes the major difference in both of them. This flour consists of a high amount of vitamin E which is a group of fat-soluble compounds and acts as antioxidants for the body. Consuming of almond flour helps in preventing damage caused due to free radicals.

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Almond flour contains a high amount of magnesium which is important for a lot of different activities inside the body. It helps in maintaining the blood sugar levels, lowers insulin resistance as well as maintains healthy blood pressure levels. Additionally, it has a low Glycemic index compared to the other flours which help in the gradual release of sugar in the body, thus maintaining a sustained and maintained source of energy. People suffering from type-2 diabetes face the problem of low magnesium in their body which can be treated to some extent by consuming almond flour.

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Market segmentation

The chocolate and the candy manufacturers are the primary markets that demand the use of Almond flour, and also the bakery manufacturers use it too. Bakery items like cakes, cookies and pastries widely use this flour as the base ingredient. Furthermore, the demand of this flour is also high in the various food cuisines which help in adding extra flavour as well as increase the nutritional content. Apart from the food industry, the demand for Almond flour is also increasing in the cosmetic industry since it is used in different types of skincare products like lotions, creams, moisturizers etc. It is also in demand for common household purposes as well since it is gluten-free, and can be easily consumed in place of the wheat flour. The worldwide market of Almond flour has to rose to about millions in US$ during the year 2018 and will even increase by the end of the year of 2025, due to the changing lifestyle, and the food patterns, it is widely accepted by people around the world. When it comes to the regional categorization of the market of Almond flour then the regions that have been widely using it comes under consideration are mostly North America, Japan, India, Europe, Southeast Asia, China and India.


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