The list of Global Top 500 Unicorn Enterprises is coming soon 1

On November 20, the press conference of 2019 Top 500 Unicorn Enterprises Forum jointly held by Research Center of China’s Private Enterprises of Renmin University, Qingdao Civil Economic Development Bureau and Qingdao Jimo District Government was successfully held in China National Convention Center.


The conference was hosted by Li Qingwen who is the president of Beijing Institute of Hidden Unicorn. He says, to focus on the national strategy, carry out new development concept, discuss ways to promote transformation and upgrading of enterprises and high quality development, seek new era under the way of enterprise innovation and development, lead the way to develop high quality of innovation,  global top 500 Unicorn Enterprises Forum will be held on December 17, 2019 in Qingdao.

Then he said that this forum will be invited to the national related ministries and commissions leadership, Qingdao related  leadership, the global top 500 enterprises on behalf of unicorns, hidden unicorn enterprise delegates, the global and domestic well-known financial investment representative and the well-known experts and scholars, such as more than 300 people.  Pooling the wisdom and strength, surrounding the national strategy, international cooperation, transformation and upgrading, and high quality development for young entrepreneurs to build high-end communication platform.


Xie shujiang, secretary general of 2019 Top 500 Unicorn Enterprises Forum, gave a brief explanation on the development report of the global top 500 unicorn enterprises 2019 and the relevant situation of the Forum. He pointed out that the global economy is in the transformation of the mode of development, optimizing the economic structure, transform, critical period of growth, more unicorn enterprises emerged, and will enter the order of magnitude in thousands of units, these enterprises to a certain extent, represents a new economic growth engine, is a microcosm of the global economic transformation and upgrading.

To this end, Research Center of China’s Private Enterprises of Renmin University and Beijing Institute of Hidden Unicorn jointly write “2019 Global Top 500 Unicorn development report”. The concept of “global top 500 unicorn enterprises” was put forward for the first time, and a comprehensive, multi-angle and in-depth and systematic study was conducted on the typical representative of global scientific and technological innovation enterprises — unicorn enterprises, reflecting the basic laws and changing trends of global scientific and technological innovation and venture capital.


Lately, Wang Feng, deputy head of the government of Jimo district, Qingdao, notified the preparation of 2019 Global Top 500 Unicorn Enterprises Forum. He said that Qingdao municipal government, Jimo district government and relevant departments attach great importance to the meeting and have invested a lot of manpower, material and financial resources. At present, the preparatory committee for 2019 Global Top 500 Unicorn Enterprises Forum has been formally established and achieved certain results.

As of November 20, 2019, pre-invitation letters for the conference have been issued. Within one week, more than 100 enterprises have contacted with the organizing committee and expressed their intention to attend the conference. I believe that with the deepening of the invitation, more and more entrepreneurs will know about the conference and participate in it. At the same time, the reception work of this conference has been basically implemented. The government of Jimo district has capacity to receive outstanding entrepreneurs from all over the world.


At last, director of Qingdao Civil Economic Development Bureau Gao Shanwu introduced the market situation and business environment of Qingdao in detail. He stressed that the private economy has occupied half of Qingdao’s economic development, and is an irreplaceable force and indispensable treasure in Qingdao’s economic development. At present, Qingdao is full of Shenzhen and other cities , continue to build the domestic first-class government policy, financial, business innovation and the rule of law, such as business environment, and has adopted a series of measures, such as establishing effective policy of government affairs environment, complete financial environment, building elements to build dynamic bursting of entrepreneurial innovation environment, improve the fair and transparent legal environment, etc. And sincerely invite unicorn enterprises, venture capital institutions and industry experts from all over the world to attend 2019 Top 500 Unicorn Enterprises Forum to discuss cooperation, feel the charm and sincerity from Qingdao, contribute more wisdom and strength for the development of private enterprises, and join hands to create a better future of development.

The list of the global top 500 unicorn enterprises 2019 was jointly released by Research Center of China’s Private Enterprises of Renmin University and the Beijing Institute of Hidden Unicorn. The list, compiled by industry experts according to the global unicorn enterprise database established by human-machine integration intelligence technology, is the world’s first authoritative ranking of the top 500 unicorn enterprises, and clarifies the basic pattern of global unicorn enterprises.

The topic of 2019 Global Top 500 Unicorn Enterprises Forum is global unicorn enterprise development present situation. It will evaluate the development trend of unicorn enterprises, promote exchanges and cooperation among unicorn enterprises, between unicorn enterprises and investment institutions, and between unicorn enterprises and local governments, and work together for scientific and technological innovation and industrial progress.

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