Shanghai Weiye OFC Equipment Co., Ltd Announces New Fiber Optical Cable Machinery To The World 1
Companies can now increase data transmission and productivity through the newly introduced fiber optical cable machinery by Shanghai Weiye OFC Equipment Co., Ltd

Shanghai Weiye OFC Equipment Co., Ltd, for some time, has supplied quality and high-speed fiber-optical cable machines to the world. A few of the products comprise: Optic Fiber ribbon line, optic fiber ribbon secondary coating, and copper and aluminium drawing machine. The firm keeps updating new products and ensuring that it can meet the needs of the industry. These machines, which are designed for unmatched precision, are capable of the close tolerance and exact repeatability required always to achieve superior production outcomes when estimating components. Performance and throughput are two crucial elements when choosing a fiber optic machine. And the firm ensures that all these factors are put into consideration.  

Shanghai Weiye OFC Equipment Co., Ltd has revolutionized this world by introducing the fiber coloring machine. This modern equipment is highly in demand due to its remarkable features. With its noteworthy accuracy and working speed, it is said that the machine provides maximum production in the business. The machine is supplied with a device of a traversing component that does not overlap to ensure that the fiber is completely shaded. The tool’s auto centralizing element also has the task of optimally coloring the fiber without overlapping. The organization representative points out that this coloring machine accompanies a sensor display so that an administrator can easily handle the weight, temperature, power distribution, and various parameters for executing the machine. 

Another remarkable machine that has been introduced by the company is the SZ stranding line. This machine works by swiveling tubes and wires into a cable formation under managed conditions. The tubes are lead through a sequence of turning discs. Disks turn up to 14 spins in one direction. The disc at this point bends and reverse the wires or tubes up to 14 spins in the other direction. Given this SZ stranding activity, the pay-off reels, and it does not have to turn to produce a cable, and this leads to high line speeds. After SZ stranding, the wires/tubes are secured with a polyester or a similar sheet material. This type of machine is reliable, and it aids in creating flexible and durable cables used in various areas.

The secondary coating line is another remarkable product supplied by this firm. It features a maximum speed of 800m, /min, which ensures high production and efficiency. The firm representative has said that there are more inclusive features like wheel capstan haul-off, diameter gauge, and 12 optical fiber pay-off, etc. That improves the quality and performance of the product.

About Shanghai Weiye OFC Equipment Co., Ltd

Shanghai Weiye OFC Equipment Co., Ltd is a globally leading supplier of fiber optical cable machinery. Situated in China, the company has more than 15 years of manufacturing experience in distributing quality and high working speed products in China and internationally. Among the products, they produce includes Optic Fiber ribbon line, optic fiber ribbon secondary coating, and copper and aluminum drawing machine, etc. Moreover, the firm has more than 100 employees who are highly trained and experienced. In the year 2011, they signed a joint venture with the Tongding group.

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