To fight against blood cancer, an internationally renowned photography artist Kristian Liebrand has ventured another outstanding and awe-inspiring project known as “Nude in New York”

New York City – Kristian Liebrand, an established nude art photograper, has ventured onto a new project called “nude in public new york” to raise awareness and charity for a honourable cause such as fighting against a deadly disease known as blood cancer. This is the 2nd edition of his “Nude in Public” project. The first edition came out in 2018, where controversial but extravagant creative photo art was taken in Berlin, the gorgeous capital of Germany. At the end of 2019 Kristian Liebrand started to expand on his project and came to New York City, one oft he most populated cities in the world, for his charity project for cancer awareness. 

The nude photography artist went to NYC with nude art model Lucy Modele to take spectacular nude photos throughout great locations in the city. This came with its fair share of challenges, like having to go nude fast and finishing up the photoshoot as fast as possible. It sure surpised many spectators as taking nude photos in public places is not common, but Kristian Liebrand is known for taking risks and breaking boundaries in his artwork.

He knew he had to go above and beyond to get people interested in and aware of blood cancer so they can donate, and this nude photography project put a lot of eyes on blood cancer awareness. Blood cancer is a deadly disease that can affect a person of any age, from adults to kids. Blood cancer makes up 10% of annual cancer cases in the country. This type of blood cancer has impacted the lives of many people all around the world. For this reason, Kristian Liebrand wants people to understand and make an effort to help people dealing with this disease by raising awareness and donations through his risky and controversial nude photography.

This honorable project started first in Germany back in 2018, and in 2019, it spread to New York City. In just 3.5 days, Liebrand and his model Lucy worked hard on the project by taking shots in Manhattan and Brooklyn, in different eye-popping poses that would make anyone want to feast their eyes on it. In total, 23 locations were visited, and many pictures were taken with careful planning since they only had to spend absolutely limited time in one place. These beautiful photos will be put on sale in the form of a picture calendar and canvas prints. All the profit made from these photos will be donated for what the project was made for in the first place — a charity project for the fight against blood cancer.

Kristian Liebrand just wanted to show that through these pictures, people can be aware of the fact that every 35 seconds, someone is diagnosed with blood cancer in the world.

About Kristian Liebrand

Kristian Liebrand is considered to be a specialist, an internationally awarded nude art photographer who excels in projecting his creative photography ideas with the help of his talented models. His name is known throughout the world, which is why he has been featured in many popular magazines all around the globe.

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