Just Love Coffee’s Culture Is Changing Lives and Communities One Cup at a Time

Just Love Coffee's Culture Is Changing Lives and Communities One Cup at a Time

What is even better than a high-quality cup of coffee? A cup of coffee that gives back to the community. Just Love Coffee Cafe began as a way to help raise funds for families seeking to adopt children. It has expanded beyond its roots as an online coffee service to a franchise system that allows entrepreneurs to own a business that is beneficial and meaningful. Find out more at https://justlovecoffeefranchise.com/research/what-is-just-love/.  

High-Quality Coffee

A good cup of coffee means many things to people. It can be anything from a daily necessity brewed in the comfort of a home kitchen or that little bit of affordable luxury at a coffee shop. Not all coffee beans are the same. The source location for the coffee, the growing conditions, and numerous other facts can impact the flavor of a particular roast. Not all beans from the same harvest are the same. They are graded to determine their quality. The grades are a specialty, premium, exchange, standard, and off-grade. A coffee’s grade depends on the number of defects in a sample, the size of the beans, and the taste, acidity, moisture level, body, and aroma of the beans. 

Ethical Quality

Taste is not the only thing people consider when purchasing their cup of joe. Savvy consumers also worry about whether the coffee was grown and harvested ethically. This can mean different things to different consumers, from what percentage of profits the individual coffee growers get from each harvest to whether the coffee was grown and harvested sustainably. Coffee farmers were once among the worst-treated agricultural workers in the world, but as consumers have demanded more ethical practices in coffee growing, conditions for many farmers have improved. 

Giving Back to the Community

At Just Love Coffee, providing ethical java to customers goes beyond simply following the guidelines that offer fair treatment to farmers and sustainable farming practices. Each franchise owner is encouraged to choose a cause to support. The original company started out supporting adoptions, but franchise owners can choose their causes. A percentage of the profits from each store are then donated to that cause. This offers consumers and franchise owners the opportunity to give back with every cup, turning an everyday luxury item into a little act of giving. Learn more about how franchise owners can develop their store’s giving policy at https://justlovecoffeefranchise.com/.  

Constructive Capitalism

While giving back to the community is always positive, it cannot be the only consideration for most people who are investigating purchasing a franchise. There has to be a possibility of significant profit, or else a franchise does not make sense. Just Love Coffee’s team is led by a group of people with an effective franchise growing experience. Coffee and breakfast spots are also a steadily growing investment opportunity, with a U.S. industry that is already valued at $12 billion and is projected to continue to grow. Getting into that industry is one way for franchise owners to secure their futures and achieve the dream of owning their own business while still having the support and help of an experienced group of industry professionals.

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