Announces Availability of Intent Data Which Remains Effective and Accurate During Work From Home Announces Availability of Intent Data Which Remains Effective and Accurate During Work From Home

Company’s Data is Sourced From Publicly Observed Action and Doesn’t Require IP Address Resolution, Inc. announces Contact Level Intent Data which is uniquely suited to the sudden remote work environment. As we all adapt to the unknown, and after first caring for the safety of family, neighbors, and employees, companies are adapting and getting back to work. Marketing and sales have changed. New tools are required, including intent data.

Most third-party intent data solutions rely on IP address resolution or 3rd party cookies. IP addresses are assigned to physical service locations. As companies rapidly shift employees to work from home for their safety and social distancing, IP address resolution is substantially less accurate since the observed address is often dynamic, residential and unlisted.

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Signals include account information, contact level details, and granular contextual detail of the action taken. No IP address resolution is involved which means that the data is effective even amidst widespread remote work. No 3rd party cookies are used, and results include detailed insights at a more granular level than a vague, high-level “topic” taxonomy. Specific key terms help to identify the stage in buying journey, problem to solve, the outcome sought and more. Detailed insights into competitor engagements are also provided.

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“Nobody knows how business will exactly evolve over the next couple of months,” said Yvonne Haendel, President and CCO (Chief Customer Officer). “We do know that as soon as companies solve for the safety of employees and logistics of remote work, they’re turning their attention back to the imperatives of customer service and revenue growth. As circumstances change, that means changing tactics – and intent data is an example.”

“We’re all going to develop new techniques and learn new lessons in the coming months” said Ed Marsh, CRO (Chief Revenue Officer). “Marketing intelligence and sales intelligence will become even more critical as businesses carefully manage marketing spend. Unique insights will empower creative and effective approaches.”

Subscriptions to data are quarterly and provide more flexibility than the longer one-year contracts common among data providers. Subscriptions are competitively priced and include delivery via AWS, csv or marketing automation integration. Data can be segmented into tailored streams for ABM, target accounts, current customers, and specific products.

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