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div>Yaounde, P.R. Cameroon – Last week’s CHAN Draw Ceremony featured more than just the 16 qualifying teams of Africa, it showcased the national debut of the American born company, On-Spot Enterprises ( and its live events company Arusa Entertainment, with offices on 4 continents with the Africa office in the capital Yaounde, Cameroun. The event featured a new era in Cameroon event entertainment and a first of it’s kind for everyone in attendance and millions watching on television.

With over fifty countries of Africa watching and excited to know the position of the Draw Ceremony to compete in the CHAN 2020 tournament in April, the show’s producers built an amazing overall event that should not be overlooked and definitely proved to be the greatest production in Cameroon, if not Central African, history.

It was the most accurate depiction of the history and culture of Cameroon arts, music, and dance. The highlight of the show was the massive production stage complete with 6 large customized LED screens with a second stage behind a movable screen wall. There was a world-class lighting and sound show that brought to life each performance and segment of the night.

“The show took us 4 years to design and implement,” says Rod On Jr., an international film and television director and owner of On-Spot Enterprises Cameroon and the Executive Producer of the show. “What was understood from the earliest meetings with key officials in Cameroon, Pr Narcisse Mouelle Kombin the Minister of Sport and Physical Education and Ngoh Ngoh Ferdinand the Minister of State, Secretary-General at the Presidency of the Republic, is that the country shall be properly recognized and preserved for the world to see while creating a show that would be hard for other countries to top in the years to come.”

The entire sequence of the show displayed an accurate depiction of Cameroon life, then and now. The audience was shown periodic videos of various cities of Cameroon and the stadiums they possess. The videos displayed the beauty that is Cameroon and gave viewers an honest look from a bird’s eye view from the beaches to the heart of the nation’s capital in Yaounde.

Nearly every interview of the athletes and ambassadors expressed how impressed they were with the show and its producers. After the event attendees could be seen rushing to the stage to get pictures of the incredible stage and artwork.

We caught up with the Lead Producer of the show, Vincent Versher, who was hand-selected and flown in by On-spot Enterprises from Miami, Florida USA just after the Superbowl to assist. He had this to say about the concepts of the opening and closing ceremonies of CHAN  2020, “I can’t give you many details, however, if you think what you witnessed during the DrW Ceremony was great then the show planned for the games in April will be the best Africa has ever seen!”

When asked about how he feels the level of talent is in Cameroon, Versher added  “It’s an honor for an American company to come bring our experience to Africa and Cameroon and to teach a generation of young producers here about the future of event production. ‘I’m very impressed by what I’ve seen and the creativity is there, young and old, and they just needed some guidance on how to make it come to life.”

Rod On Jr. did mention during the interview that for the games he intends to only bring in key members from the USA and France to provide guidance. “The access to the technology, staging, and how to use them was not yet available in Cameroon but we have found that the local crew are fast learners and have embraced the innovation. We interviewed hundreds of global event producers before picking the team. We want the concepts to be the vision of Cameroon’s citizens and leadership with our staff providing just the education and direction to make it happen.”

The selection committee for the Ministries of Cameroon made a great choice with On-Spot Enterprises. Cameroonians should be very proud that their nation has been put on the world stage with such grace and style. We look forward to the remaining ceremonies and we are confident these events will start a new era in Cameroon entertainment.

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