7EDU Captures Rising Interest From Parents And Students During COVID-19 1

A leading online learning company, 7EDU Impact Academy, receives increasing interest from families as a remote academic option for their children during the CoronaVirus (COVID-19) self-quarantine mandate.

The growth in attention for more online courses coincides with the COVID-19 outbreak that closed local schools in the surrounding area. Parents look to 7EDU as a practicable e-learning option for their children to avoid a prolonged education interruption.

Students and parents praise 7EDU for its flexible class scheduling, detailed course curriculum, and consistency acquiring desired academic results.

One of 7EDU’s Cupertino office locations – Headquarter, 7EDU Impact Academy

7EDU Captures Rising Interest From Parents And Students During COVID-19 2
With 7EDU’s newly-acquired location, the team expands their employee workspace.

Competitive top universities continue to receive a diverse pool of talented students every year, increasing their tough admission requirements. 7EDU Impact Academy emphasizes their promise to guide students along this challenging path to academic success and their dream colleges.

7EDU classes cover a wide range of subjects and standardized tests, but their SAT and ACT preparation courses remain a popular choice for high school students looking to attend top colleges that require competitive test scores.

The company has a successful track record where 80% of students score an SAT 1500+ and 90% of students receive an ACT 32+.

With the convenient choice to enroll online, their SAT and ACT prep classes provide a solution to student learning during the COVID-19 stay-at-home mandate.

7EDU presents to families a personalized, well-rounded service that includes the development of effective study habits, grade improvement plans, academic consultations, and test-taking strategies. Adhering to their motto of successfully helping students ‘dream bigger, reach higher’ educationally.

7EDU Captures Rising Interest From Parents And Students During COVID-19 3
7EDU founder, Jun Liu, speaking at a conference to share her thoughts on the trend and benefits of e-learning T-Edge 2019 Conference and Awards

Jun Liu, the founder of 7EDU Impact Academy, states, “For success in academics and beyond, our foremost goal is to guide and support our students through all types of challenges, preparing them to exceed their current capabilities.”

7EDU SAT and ACT Courses
7EDU Reading and Writing Courses
7EDU Advanced Placement (AP) Courses
7EDU Spring Courses
7EDU Summer Courses

Parents and students have questions on succeeding academically, either for core skills like reading and writing or for standardized testing. With competitive colleges increasing their admission standards and a rising number of applicants every year, students and parents are taking the initiative to enroll in online preparation courses to build their future and secure college choices.

7EDU’s focus is to guide students during their scholastic journey, fulfilling values of FlexibilityCurriculum-Depth, and Results.

Contact 7EDU at:

Marketing: socialmedia@7edu.org 
Phone: (408) 216-9109

7EDU Impact Academy

Founded in April 2014, 7EDU is a leading startup e-learning service for students and families that seek online educational guidance and preparation for the SAT, ACT, AP, and all other school subjects. With a mission of helping students achieve academic excellence and admissions into top universities, 7EDU secures your scholastic goal.

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