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Espo Lighting ( and Joseph Crea are pleased to announce the release of information about the link between emotional health and ambient lighting. With the ability to largely affect the mood of a room, lighting is the most important element to consider when designing a space. Many people may consider buying designer lights simply because of their luxury aesthetic/physical appearance; however, what is often neglected is the ambiance they are trying to create within the space.

Lighting is something often overlooked by home builders, who don’t think of what light they want until the home is complete. This is not desirable and instead should be looked at early on since lighting is integral to creating desirable moods within the spaces of the home. Each light is made for a different purpose, and it’s essential to choose the lighting based on its functionality as well as its appearance. Functionality is at the forefront of a lighting designer’s job and is often why customers find designer lights not only having a great physical appearance but also able to light a space and create an ambiance more efficiently.

Espo Lighting Releases Information On Lighting/Emotional Health Links 2

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In 2014, a Journal of Consumer Psychology study found that the more intense the lighting, the more affected and intense the participants’ emotions were — both positive and negative. The study included six experiments that examined the link between emotion and ambient brightness. Feelings of warmth increased when participants were exposed to bright light with hints of reddish hues. A sensation of angst increased when bluer light dominated. The brighter the light, the more intense the participants’ emotions became. Both the intensity and the color of the light affected people’s moods.

In the Adelaide showroom, Espo provides lighting solutions to the designers who are responsible for the ideas, to the architects, the builders, and the engineers who make the ideas reality; and to the public who inhabit those realities. At the Melbourne Showroom at 259 Swan Street, Espo has created a space where designers and private clients alike can spend time experiencing the variety of lighting products in person and get the personal service that is always provided.

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