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Company Background

Soul Venturer is a mystical entrepreneurial training company that helps corporate professionals that are feeling trapped in their career or are getting a calling for something bigger in their life to navigate their journey out of their career and into their calling full time without sacrificing their family or financial needs.

Navigate out of your career & into your calling

Over the past few years Soul Venturer has developed a methodology that has helped many of their clients effectively navigate out of their career and into their calling, without sacrificing their family or financial needs. They have done this using a three step mapping system that was created by their CEO Robert B. McGuinness, that encompasses the syntax of having crystal clear clarity on your calling, mission and purpose first, before ever even considering figuring out how to market an idea or leave your career. It is this syntax that makes our methodology extremely effective in delivering successful results to our clients 

Meditation, who is it for? – This meditation is for any working professional who knows they were meant for more in their life beyond their career, but may not know what that ‘more’ is or necessarily how to navigate the journey. In this meditation your unconscious blocks will be revealed to you that are preventing you from moving forward on your journey.

Why should everyone know about this? – As we speak right now 60% of our workforce is completely disengaged, 44 millions Americans already have some form of a side hustle and in the past two years 25 million new businesses have been formed. While all of this is happening, there is a new economy emerging faster than ever before. The rise of the internet and social media have never made it easier for someone to monetize what they are good at. 

Robots and Automation are on the rise, and our middle class is shrinking; in this new economy you are either a produce or a consumer. I believe the best way to produce is to deliver from your soul. Simultaneously there is a massive consciousness movement happening faster than ever before. These two movements are merging together to create a new standard of living. That new standard of living is soul! I believe in the not to near future if you are not doing something that is aligned with your soul, then it is going to be hard to find something sustainable.

Recently Robert was Featured in Forbes Article “Skeptical Of What A Coach Can Do For You?

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