Coronavirus Cure is Possible by Natural Remedies says Subodh Gupta 1
Coronavirus cure is possible by natural remedies (case study)
Coronavirus cure or any other virus cure or any bacteria cure is definitely possible with the help of natural remedies.

Coronavirus cure news update:

If you have been infected with Coronavirus and feeling worried, it is natural because of the fear which has been generated by various news from across the world & precautionary advisory from the various governments which of course has been given in good faith.

However, having said that Coronavirus cure or any other virus cure or any bacteria cure is definitely possible with the help of natural remedies and before explaining the curing steps, I would briefly put some evidence here. 

How a 74 years old patient recovered from extreme symptoms of coronavirus.

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Evidence with research:

Here is the case of a patient age 74 years with many severe symptoms of Coronavirus such as:

Very high fever,

Severe Dry Cough,

Breathing difficulty,

Pneumonia/Pleural effusion (water-filled in lungs),

… and in addition, a severe case of Asthma where inhalers stop being effective, throat pain, arthritis, muscle pain, joints pain, insomnia, fatigue, diarrhea, etc) & successfully recovered with the help of natural remedies.

High fever 104 F was detected, various prescribed antibiotics along with paracetamols suggested by eminent doctors were taken (such as Goodcef cv 200, Augmentin 625 Duo, Deriphyllin Retard 300, Ceftum 250, Calpol, etc) to get rid of fever for 30 days, but unfortunately, the fever didn’t go away.

The fever would come down to 100 F or 101F after taking medicine but would come back to 104F within 6 to 7 hours. Blood report showed TLC was very high which explained the high fever in addition platelet count was also very high.  

Later Pneumonia course was completed twice with tablets such as Azithromycin and later with tablet Claribid 500mg for the next 5 days but fever, cough and other symptoms didn’t go away and the patient continues to suffer.

Finally, I used paracetamol to keep the fever down & incorporated numerous natural remedies that I have researched over the years. I am happy to announce that the patient has recovered from the fever and TLC has also come under normal range.

Strategy to treat with the help of natural remedies:

Step 1: Boost the immune system with natural ingredients such as Honey, Turmeric, Ginger, Cinnamon, etc.

Step 2: Incorporate in diet powerful antibiotics & antiviral natural food with virtually no side effects which kill only harmful bacteria and viruses.

Step 3: Detoxify the body. Your body will be sick only if you have the disease germs inside your body but if you learn to detoxify your body, you can easily get rid of any disease.

Final blood report reflecting normal TLC and other detail information at:

Coronavirus can be cured by natural remedies, natural health consultant Subodh Gupta

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