New Jersey Tax Audit Lawyer Reiterates Position on Worker Classification 1
New Jersey Tax Audit Lawyer, Todd Unger, holds his ground about NJ Tax Law and worker classification tax audits

Todd Unger has made a name for himself for resolving federal and legal tax disputes. In a recent statement, the New Jersey Tax Audit Lawyer expressed his opinion about the hugely controversial NJ Tax law regarding audits and worker classification, and how it will affect the operations and growth of businesses. 

The business environment in California will likely witness a drastic change, with the passage of a new law that changes the rules governing the classification of workers as either independent contractors or employees. Within the legal regulation, businesses in New Jersey and other parts of the state will likely have to treat more independent contractors as employees, resulting in the payment of benefits and employment taxes. As expected, the new law has been several criticisms from several quarters and has been challenged in the courts by such companies as Uber and Lyft that — like many other smaller firms. Several attorneys have also expressed their reservations concerning the law, one of such lawyers is Todd Unger. 

The bills that passed making it more difficult, in an already difficult environment, for businesses that utilize independent contractors to survive,” said Todd Unger. “The bills add penalties and fees for the misclassification of workers and provide NJ DOL with more administrative power by issuing stop-work orders,” Todd continued. “Fortunately, the codification of the ABC test under SB4204 didn’t get signed into law; although, I believe that it will appear in the current legislative session. The ABC test is a common law test used to analyse if a worker is an employee ,” Todd stated.

Todd is an IRS Tax Audit Lawyer in NJ that specializes in the resolution of federal and legal tax issues.  The passionate tax law attorney and his team at IRS Problem Solve have demonstrated their dedication to helping New Jersey residents and businesses facing the IRS get through the rigorous process with ease. 

I highly recommend Todd Unger. I had been having a difficult time dealing with the IRS on my own and frankly did not have the time. He was accessible and helped me understand all of my legal options and ultimately got me back on my way,” said Pat M.

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