Latin Superstar Kevin Roldan Performs Songs From Home To Benefit The Covid 19 Worldwide Relief Efforts 1

Medellin, Colombia – Universal Music Group Recording Superstar Kevin Roldan is set to perform several songs from his collection to help benefit the Covid 19 Worldwide Relief efforts on Sunday, May 24, at 8:00 PM. The impromptu performance will be free and broadcast live around te world on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and KR youtube channel.

“Kevin decided with the recent protest in Colombia to lend his talents where they would be best needed most, by keeping people entertained and home but raising money for those out of work and hungry in Colombia and around the world during these trying times,” explains AMP Music Executive Sabastian Ballah Hernandez.

Kevin Roldan, like many other celebs realize this is a global effort and is challenging other artist’s to lend their talents for a worldwide cause so that we can help the local, national and international communities that is suffering during this pandemic.

If you would like to make a donation please send it to the following charities: World Health Organization Covid 19 relief Fund. And the local food banks of Colombia.

Roldan who is in the forefront of happenings has been gearing up for his first North American tour in five years, a international fashion campaign with Blow Up and a hot new cross over album in the works.

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