‘Door to Glory’ is a book that sheds light on the perplexing questions that are as old as the human race, with the help of Apostle John 1
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Fort Worth, Texas, USA – Door to Glory – Dialogues with Apostle John, is a book that is filled with spiritual wisdom and teachings that are directly communicated by Apostle John to the medium Marilyn Redmond. The author, Douglas Grady has generously shared the communicated wisdom with the general public in the form of this book. This book can be purchased from Amazon in e-format, hardback, and paperback.

Door to Glory contains Apostle John’s New Revelations that have the power to change the readers’ mindset for the better. As the world faces the destruction caused by the global pandemic, this book predicts a future full of light- the New Earth. Apostle John warns that the world has been under the control of Dark forces for a long time. Today, they are trying to alter our DNA with their new vaccination. However, once they lose their grip over humanity, the coming days will be full of light and peace. The book envisions One Thousand Years of Peace in the new future.

Douglas Grady is a spiritual person who has experienced spiritual enlightenment in his pursuit of the truth. He graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering in 1980. The pursuit of engineering work has taken him around the country—from Newport News, Virginia, in 1980, through seven states, to West Lafayette, Indiana, in 2016. His spiritual journey began when he practiced the art of meditation, which resulted in receiving a spark within his soul from God in 1999. The response from God in the form of a Divine Spark in 1999 was remarkable. The magnitude of love from the flash was incredible. This book is the result of his love for seeking true guidance and his dedication to sharing his knowledge as much as possible.

While talking about his book, Mr. Grady said: “Religion is based on the interaction between the etheric and physical worlds. Psychic science was mysterious to our ancestors, and as a consequence, they misunderstood and misinterpreted it. The Apostle John helps to clear up these issues in this book. As we are entering a new age, the Apostle John sheds the light on the coming changes for our world. This addresses the question of how the world transforms into a more loving environment for the future and how soon it will happen. Also, John revealed the ending of control by the “behind the scenes” Dark Side that has caused an endless succession of bloody conflicts and devastating turmoil throughout human history.”

This book also contains profound revelations regarding the perplexing subjects such as When the soul enters a baby, The life of Jesus after the crucifixion, Reincarnation and its removal from the Bible, and Earthbound souls.

About the Book:

Door to Glory – Dialogues with Apostle John, is a must-read book authored by Douglas Grady. The book contains mystic wisdom and a prediction for a better future.

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