Leavemark Social App Launches First of Its Kind Ad-Free Data Storage and Social Media Hybrid 1

Leavemark Launches Social Platform to Allow Users to Archive Life’s Best to Share Today or in the Future

Leavemark, an unparalleled ad-free data storage and social media hybrid app that enables users to archive life’s most important memories and documents, announced the app is available for download. Users can store and share information instantly or in the future through its time capsule or family tree functions.

“We like to think of ourselves as a memory vault with added features,” stated Jason Morgese, CEO & Founder of Leavemark. “Not only do we want to organize and preserve important content that can be shared today and in real-time, but we also want to provide users with the opportunity to archive and share that information with future generations, all while restoring user privacy.”

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People have historically stored their most important photos, videos and documents in numerous locations that are often forgotten about or misplaced, causing significant memories and moments to be lost along the way. While there are various online storage options and social media platforms, Leavemark has sought out to be the first truly efficient hybrid that thoughtfully and securely archives memories, and allows users to share and organize their life’s journey whenever they please. Leavemark combines the best of data storage, social media and genealogy companies.

From sharing memories with a loved one across the globe, celebrating an anniversary with a significant other or preserving memories to share with your kids when they grow up, Leavemark is a secure and customizable solution for users with all different needs.

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“Being ad-free means that we don’t have to push unsolicited content or mine and sell user data,” continues Morgese. “Current data storage companies are simply meant for storage, while current social media platforms are more focused on immediate interactions and ad sales. With Leavemark, we wanted to create something that would allow our users a more meaningful way to store and share life’s best with a more intimate circle of family and friends, to preserve our history and be more impactful on future generations.”

Leavemark Key Features:

  • TIME AND SPACE CAPSULES: Our technologies allow for the delayed sharing of data through Leavemark’s time and space capsule features. Users can set information to release in 2 weeks, 2 months, 10 years or when a recipient is within range of a set location.
  • ARCHIVING SYSTEM:  Store information within Leavemark’s secure archiving system. Content can be completely private or shared with followers, family and friends.  You choose the audience.
  • FAMILY TREE:  This feature allows users to share information with future generations, ensuring the history of you “lives on” with family members wanting to know more about who and where they came from.
  •  NEWSFEED:  Chronological feed option, posts deleted in 30 days, ability to block specific category types, such as politics.
  • ADVANCED SORTING AND FILTERING.  Find what you need, when you need it.
  • DIRECT MESSAGING.  Connect with family and friends.
  • NO ADS: Leavemark does not data mine, sell user data or incorporate advanced algorithms specifically designed to push unsolicited content.  User privacy is key to us.  The uploads/post that you make to Leavemark, as well as the information you see on Leavemark, will only be from users that you choose to have a relationship with.

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