BeyondTrust Announces Integration with the SailPoint Predictive Identity Platform 1

Integration with SailPoint’s SaaS identity platform allows BeyondTrust customers to uplift their existing Privilege Access Management and Identity Governance solutions to the cloud

BeyondTrust leverages a robust network of partners to develop an innovative solution to help customers stay ahead of emerging business challenges

BeyondTrust, the worldwide leader in Privileged Access Management (PAM), today announced further integration with SailPoint, the leader in identity management. By integrating SailPoint’s SaaS identity platform with BeyondTrust Password Safe, joint customers can enjoy the benefits of managing user access for privileged and non-privileged accounts. Standards-based SCIM integration ensures the automated exchange of user identity information between systems and allows privileged account vaults and associated entitlements to be visible and managed throughout the identity governance process, all using industry standards under both an on-premises or SaaS deployment model.

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“BeyondTrust is committed to building innovative solutions that leverage a rich ecosystem of partners to stay ahead of emerging business challenges,” said Dee Dee Acquista, SVP of Global Channels and Alliances at BeyondTrust. “As IT environments grow more complex, it becomes virtually impossible to track the ever-changing relationships between users, devices, managed accounts, and their corresponding levels of access. The integration between BeyondTrust Password Safe and the SailPoint Predictive Identity Platform  helps organizations efficiently determine suitable access across users, devices and accounts.”

“As leaders in our respective fields, the partnership between SailPoint and BeyondTrust offers customers a truly unique opportunity,” said Harry Gould, Vice President, World Wide Alliances and Channels at SailPoint. “Using our complementary solutions, customers can experience a tightly integrated identity governance and privileged access management solution that will enable them to efficiently determine suitable access and appropriate privileged use while strengthening their overall security posture.”

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Within the Technology Alliances Program, BeyondTrust works with partners to build meaningful integrations that allow organizations the flexibility to adapt and change. The strategic partnership between BeyondTrust and SailPoint offers customers the following benefits:

  • Bi-directional integration provides central management and visibility of exactly what PAM entitlements a user has.
  • Automate PAM entitlements to managed assets as employees join, move within, or leave the organization.
  • Discover and enforce PAM hygiene on managed assets without manual intervention.
  • Consolidate PAM entitlements into audit campaigns without manual process.

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