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To all the coaches, consultants and mentors of the world, wouldn’t it be nice if you could have all of your problems solved by one person, one company? Not have to hire several different mentors, buy 3 different courses to help with your three different problems. If your answer is yes, meet Matthew J Phillips. 

Matthew is 19 years old from the United Kingdom and the founder of an educational company from the United Kingdom. His company is entirely based around solving the three most common problems you likey do or have faced as a coach, consultant or mentor. 

Problem 1: Offer Creation.

Problem 2: Organic Lead Generation.

Problem 3: Closing. 

To this date, his company, programs and 1 to 1 help have been featured across several media sources from Yahoo Finance to Thrive Global,  Disrupt Magzine and now Market Watch. 

If you’re struggling with deciding upon a niche and offer, they have you covered – they offer consultations where either Matthew or a member of his team will sit down with you over a Zoom call and in less than an hour ensure you have your niche determined and an offer that is so mouth-watering you’ll have your market dribbling for it. 

Once that’s done they give you easy to implement strategies to ensure you’re able to generate hordes of organic leads and sales appointments for your offer. Followed by creating you a custom closing framework and breaking down your sales appointments to ensure you’re closing your leads on your sales appointments as high-paying clients. 

They truly are the one-stop-shop. 

Now, what if you only need help with one of the three struggles mentioned? No problem! Matthew says they will just solve that problem. They do not believe in offering anything that is not needed. It wastes time and is unethical. 

Why are we telling you about this one-stop-shop? We know it’s needed – especially with so many struggling coaches during this devastating pandemic. 

This is what one of Matthew’s students recently said: “I’ve banked 23k off the coaching. I can’t recommend him enough really.” 

To finish, we asked Matthew what his motivation is behind helping so many coaches. He said “A large reason behind why entrepreneurs do what they do is because of the buzz they get when they change someone’s life. By helping a coach who then closes a client and changes their client’s life, not only have I changed the coaches life but I’ve contributed to the client’s life being changed by helping the coach close the client in the first place. That’s a whole lot of impact and I love making an impact.”

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