The Word Counter announces the launch of two new tools, Random Word Generator and Random Letter Generator 1
A perfect tool for copywriters, creative writers and website writers who want to bring a spark to their work, The Word Counter, now introducing the launch of new tools including Random Word Generator and Random Letter Generator. The tools can be valuable for creative writing, journalism and even for parents who want to teach their children the magic of the English language.

Playa Vista, CA, United States – The Word Counter is online software that can provide much help to people who need to write in English. Whether someone is a native English speaker or a foreign person, The Word Counter can prove useful to anyone. With tools such as word counter, grammar checker, letter counter, paragraph counter, and many more. And now adding to the large array of features, Random Word Generator and Random Letter Generator add to the usability of The Word Counter.

The two new tools, Random Word Generator and Random Letter Generator can help create random words and letters in many languages including English, German, Hebrew, Armenian, French, Spanish, Chinese and Russian. Generating random words and letters is as easy as clicking a few buttons. The users only need to specify the number of words or letters, then select the language and The Word Counter will generate the letters or words according to the user’s choice using a strong and robust algorithm.

Random Word Generator can be used in many scenarios like when playing Pictionary, cre ative writing, coming up with names or even to teach children. One of the best parts of using The Word Counter is the fact that the user doesn’t need to be a professional writer in order to use it, anyone can make use of The Word Counter, like a beginner who wants to write a compelling article or a student who wants to write an essay. The Random Word Generator tool can create words even if they are three of three hundred in number.

Random Letter Generator tool is also an easy to use tool, with many different usage scenarios like creating strong passwords, puzzles, or for just about any reason the user wants it for. Additionally, like the Random Word Generator, this tool can also create random letters in many different languages, which can be helpful for non-native English speakers. True randomness is not easy to achieve, sure anyone can create random letters, but as one goes on creating complex letters, it can get quite difficult.

Copywriters can leverage the power of The Word Counter and use the character counting tool to count the characters for a tweet, Google’s meta description and Facebook post. They can keep track of their post length according to common web standards and make their writings more effective. Along with this, the grammar checker tool can be used to check any grammar mistakes and make the document error-free which looks professional and well-built. It goes beyond just the grammar, and checks for any spelling mistakes, punctuations and sentence formation.

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